Go with me 2018 well!

When the new year comes, we will evaluate and draw up new intentions. When drafting new intentions, we often look at everything that did not go well last year. We want to improve that. I think we can all think of good intentions. So I propose to omit those good intentions once and approach the new year from a different angle.
And I can tell you, you will start 2018 with a much better feeling. Really! So try it! I will also tell you later why it is so important to stay with the positive.

Positive to the next year: the Tadaa list

When we start evaluating the past year, we only look at the things that did not go well in 2017. But let's do it differently this year.

Do not look at the things that did not work this time, but at the things that have actually succeeded.

In fact, it is only strange that people tend to remember negative events better than positive events. Because believe me (and psychology magazine): even though you have had a bad year, there have always been positive events or experiences. Yes, even with you! Think of a fun party, good conversation or something nice that you have bought.

How I can make sure that you close your year well I will tell you thanks to psychology magazine.

Step 1: what did you do well last year?

Take a look at the things you did well this year and imagine that this time again. Also ask your friends and family if they want to write your positive actions in 2017. Do this for them too. That way you can make it a beautiful evening. Everyone likes compliments after all!

Step 2: make a 'tadaa list'

The 'tadaa-list' was devised by timemanagment expert Taco Oosterkamp. Unlike the 'to-do list', this list does not focus on things that you still have to do, but on things that you have done with love and pleasure. Your personal victories!
This applies to everything: experiences, performances, projects, decisions, outings, drinks, parties .... You name it. Write down those milestones and do not forget to laugh!

Can not you think of personal victories? They are really there! Try the things below and I'm sure something will come up!

  • Browse your agenda. There are all your appointments and perhaps also work-related projects. There is probably something that was super nice or good.
  • Have you seen good films or series? Did you take the time to read a book (which is already a victory anyway) or listened to good music that completely let you go?
  • Take a look at all your 2017 photos. Not only super fun to do, but also a good source to gather good moments.
  • Make a fun game with your friends! Let everyone take turns to name a good moment. Cheers!

Whether you take the time for your 'Tadaa list' or you write everything in one day, that is entirely up to you. Just make sure you do not forget valuable moments!

My downs

Personally, I have had many ups-and-downs this year. I also notice that I have a tendency to linger in the 'downs' so that it colors my 2017 black.

In 2017 I also had a miscarriage and the worst thing: I lost my brother who was only 41 years old!

A great sadness that I and my family still carry with us every day. He died 4 weeks before my wedding in early July. My brother was actually my witness and in any case my sweet candy. It was a very difficult period and the wounds are still tangible and visible.

The positive

Yet I do not want 2017 to be marked by death. Because there are also beautiful moments like my wedding and also the knowledge that I have a loving and strong family around me. That I have friends who support me and are always ready for me.

For me, the words "friends" and "family" and much deeper and more beautiful meaning were given in 2017. The warmth I felt from the people around me after the death of my dear brother, also outside my family and friends, was heart warming. It is sometimes special how a bad event makes you realize what you do have. And that's why I want so much that we all think about it.

I am proud of my family, my sisters and my parents. They are strong and I am grateful that they are in my life. And that sweet people, is already a wonderful basis for me to start well every year.

So look back on 2017 with a smile and be thankful for everyone who is in your life and gives you meaning. Because the love for each other is stronger than any setback that you encounter.
Before 2018: try to build in even more beautiful moments, because you know: they are important.

Happy, beautiful, loving, positive and healthy 2018! And dear people, do not forget to laugh a lot!

Love from Roos.

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