The water birth: give birth in the bath!

Give birth in the bath, it is not very common in the Netherlands, but gradually this is changing. This is how one becomes water birth more and more often offered in hospitals, but not yet everywhere. You can also give birth at home in the bath. Not in your own bath but a bath that you can rent before giving birth. Women who have had a water birth are predominantly positive. Are you considering giving birth in the bath? Read here the advantages and disadvantages and other important information!

Water delivery benefits

Giving birth to a bath is a safe way to place your child on the world, at least: if you do not have a medical indication. During the birth a hot bath is a pleasant, pleasant and relaxed environment to stay in. You feel safe, you come to rest more and you can move your pieces easier and finer.

This makes it easier to change posture and you do not suffer from the weight of your stomach. Because you feel nice and light, you better let go of the tension on your pelvis, back and legs during the contractions.

Other benefits of a water birth are:

  • The development phase can be a bit faster, especially if you go into the water from the 6 cm access.
  • The delivery itself is usually more gradual. The vagina and the perineum are slowly stretched through the water. This reduces the chance of tearing or cutting.
  • Your baby will end up in the hot water after birth and not directly in the cold air. He thinks that he is definitely a lot better!
  • The hot water has a soothing effect. Many women have experienced that the hot water makes the painful contractions a bit more bearable. So you have a fine natural pain relief.

Water delivery disadvantages

Unfortunately, a water birth does not always happen. If you have a medical indication, it is not already possible, for example. Do not put your sentences too much on a birth in the bath, otherwise you can get pretty disappointed if it is not possible afterwards.

Another disadvantage is that not every hospital facilitates a water birth. For this you will really have to look for a hospital where it is possible. You can give birth at home, but that probably will not go into your own bath. So you have to rent a bath and there are additional costs. You also have to take into account that it takes time to fill up the bath (and possibly also to set it up). This can usually take an hour to an hour and a half.

Can everyone please give birth?

Women who are hospitalized for medical reasons are not allowed to receive water birth. For example when there is a breech presentation or when you have to be introduced.
If you can give birth at home, you may give birth in the bath. This means that you are 37 weeks or longer pregnant, your amniotic fluid is clear and you have midwifery experience with water births. Always check with your midwife if she has experience with this!

Water delivery hospital

Not in every hospital it is possible to give birth in the bath. If you have to give birth in hospital for medical reasons, water birth is not possible. Do you want to give birth in the hospital and do you want to give birth in your bath, then you can ask if your hospital offers this possibility. If they do not have a bath on location, it might be possible to bring a bath yourself. Always discuss this in advance and also consult your midwife.

Give birth in private bath

If you can give birth at home, you can also give birth in the bath, but probably not in your own bath. Your own bath is too narrow to spread your legs well and that is of course not convenient for delivery. In addition, your bath is not deep enough so you will get cold faster. Finally, it is very important that there is enough space around the bath so that your midwife has free room to move.

A delivery bath should have a diameter of at least 130 centimeters and be approximately 60 to 65 centimeters deep. If you want to give birth at home, you can rent one!

Childbirth bath hire

Does it sound like a bath? Chances are you have to rent a bath. Or your bath must stand in the middle of the bathroom, be 60 centimeters deep and have a diameter of 130 centimeters. A place where you can rent a bath is for example De Oerbron.
If you have obstetric experience with water births, she will probably also be able to help you with good addresses.

Give birth in bath costs

Renting a bath costs between € 170, - and € 300, - depending on the model. You can buy a bath from € 169, - If you rent a bath you get the bath for 5 weeks. This is from the 37th week to the 42nd week of your pregnancy.

Handy tips for water delivery

If you would like to give birth in the bath, good preparation is really crucial! Therefore, pay attention to the following points!

  • Make sure the bath is completely ready from the 37th week of your pregnancy! From that week, the chances that you will give birth will increase!
  • Make sure you have a bath thermometer, which is mandatory.
  • An obstetrician with experience in water deliveries is an advantage!
  • Test the bath one time before the big delivery. Also take the time on how long it takes before the bath is filled.
  • On the big day the bath water must be about 38 degrees. The optimal temperature for your child at birth is 37 degrees.
  • Try the room temperature on the day of your birth to be around 22 degrees so that the bath water does not cool too quickly.
  • Go to the bathroom before you take a bath so that your bladder is empty.
  • Keep drinking well, because you lose a lot of moisture through all the efforts and the warm water.
  • Make sure you have a mattress or bed close to the bath so you can lie down immediately.
  • Arrange a scoop net, you really do need to create stools and clots from the bath after giving birth.

Water delivery video

Are you wondering how giving birth in a bath is exactly right? View a real water birth here!

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