Urgency declaration in pregnancy

Are you pregnant, but is your current home really too small or not suitable for a baby? In principle, there is only one thing: moving. Unfortunately, finding a suitable home is not that easy nowadays. House prices are abnormally high and for a rental home you also pay the main price. To keep it affordable, you can still knock on social rented accommodation. The disadvantage of this is that there are waiting lists for a number of years for these houses. Of course you can not wait! Or can you get priority through one urgency statement in case of pregnancy to fill in? I picked it out for you!

Pregnant and home seeker

It is very common: you are pregnant and realize at once that your home is too small or impractical for your little baby. If you are currently looking for a new home, you are actually already too late. Or you have to have a large budget, you can get a suitable home faster.

But for people on a smaller budget, it is very difficult to find a new home within a few months. Especially in social housing construction, the waiting lists are large and you sometimes have to wait 3 years. Of course you do not have that time! What now?

When it comes to looking for a house, you can never really start too soon. Are you trying to conceive and your current living situation is not suitable, start immediately with the search for a better home. So even before you are pregnant.

Even better: put yourself on the waiting list with housing associations long before you become pregnant. As mentioned earlier, the waiting lists are long and it takes at least 3 years before you qualify. You can never register yourself too early. For other rental properties, it is also wise to search on time.

Can you get a urgency declaration for pregnancy?

The waiting lists for a rental property are ridiculously long. Usually there is nothing else than to join in the back of the queue. In some cases it is possible to get priority. To get this priority you have to fill in a declaration of urgency.

Unfortunately, a urgency declaration to be filled in pregnancy usually does not apply. Your pregnancy is therefore no reason to get priority over other people, no matter how annoying this is. Sometimes it can help to indicate that you are pregnant, because perhaps the municipality can still mean something to you. Especially if you have other minor children in your home.

Urgency home single mother

Urgency declaration in pregnancy is not possible in most cases. If you are a single mother, it may be possible in certain cases to get priority. For example if you are separated from your partner and your partner moves while you can not pay the costs of the home on your own. In the unlikely event that you lose your job, without your fault, it may also be possible to get priority.

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