What is an emergency Cesarean section?

Initially we all assume in the Netherlands that we naturally (vaginally) like it. Sometimes it appears during pregnancy that this is not possible. Then a Caesarean section is planned and you know well in advance when it will take place. It may also occur that during the natural delivery in connection with complications, an acute decision is made to perform a Caesarean section because the mother or baby is in danger. This is an emergency Cesarean section. Read more about an emergency caesarean section here so that you can prepare yourself a little bit. It can happen to anyone.

What is an emergency Cesarean section

An emergency Cesarean section is a caesarean section that is not planned in advance. It is possible that various complications arise during vaginal delivery. For example, an oxygen deficiency in your baby, a digestion that does not start, complete exhaustion of the mother, an infection or the placenta begins to come loose. A natural delivery is then no longer awaited because the baby or the mother is in danger. The doctor then decides to pick up the child immediately by means of an emergency Cesarean section.

It can also happen that you get an emergency Cesarean section while you are not giving birth. For example if you have severe pregnancy toxicity and the baby has to be taken immediately.

Emergency Cesarean recovery

The recovery after an emergency Cesarean section is similar to a planned Caesarean section, provided there are complications with the mother. After a cesarean you stay in hospital for 2 to 5 days. After this, a recovery period of 6 weeks is held in which you have to keep quiet, not be allowed to lift and not be allowed to drive.
If you want to start exercising again, you are advised to wait 8 weeks. Note: these are averages, always ask permission from your doctor before you start to sweat yourself.

Difference between emergency and planned caesarean sections

The difference between a planned caesarean section and an emergency Cesarean section is that you are at one planned caesarean section know that it will be implemented. You can prepare yourself for this and you can read in on the procedure and recovery period. Caesarean section is planned if natural delivery is not possible or too dangerous for mother or child. For example because your baby is bouncing or because your placenta is not right. An emergency Cesarean section is usually heavier and more traumatic than a planned cesarean and you should not underestimate it.

Since caesarean section is performed because of complications, there may be consequences for the mother are, both psychologically and emotionally. For example, you suddenly can not give birth naturally. Sometimes you have to undergo general anesthesia, so you do not get the birth of your baby and the first moments at all. But it can also be that you get a spinal puncture and get everything.

Suppose something is wrong with your baby and you therefore need an emergency cesarean section, your baby is immediately taken care of and treated. For you as a mother that is super intense. If you notice that you do not feel comfortable after the emergency Cesarean section, please talk to someone about it. For example, the social worker of the hospital.

Emergency Cesarean experiences

Women who have had an emergency Cesarean section have very varying experiences. The experience is particularly dependent on the severity of the complication. Women who have been in danger during the delivery or where their baby was in need, need time after the emergency Cesarean section to process everything. But that is difficult, because you have just put a little one on the world. And a baby also asks a lot of you. If you do notice that you are not feeling well, try to talk about it anyway. Since you have to stay in the hospital for a few days after the cesarean section, you can ask directly whether you can talk to the social worker.

It is good to do this for the sake of certainty, even if you still do not need it. Other women whose complications were not very life threatening indicate that they did not feel a major aftermath of the emergency Cesarean section. They do indicate that the recovery can be difficult. You can not lift heavy things for 6 weeks and do not drive.

That is not convenient, especially if you already have children. The most annoying they find is that they could not prepare for Caesarean section. They knew nothing about the procedure and the recovery. So it may be possible to help you read about it already, so that you know all about it if you come to an emergency Cesarean section.

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