Getting pregnant after the pill

The moment you want to become pregnant you must of course stop taking the pill. The pill contains hormones that ensure that you do not ovulate. After you have stopped taking the pill you naturally want to be as soon as possible in expectation. But how long does it take if you want getting pregnant after the pill? After reading this blog, you know when your body is ready for it again!

How does the pill work?

The pill is a hormonal contraceptive and contains the hormones progesterone and estrogen. These hormones influence your hormone level. They ensure that your ovulation is blocked. If there is nevertheless still a ovulation and should it become fertilized, then the hormones ensure that the egg can not implant and so you still not become pregnant.

When you stop taking the pill, your hormones first have to come back into balance so that you have ovulation again and you can implant the egg. This does not mean that the pill affects your fertility. After you have stopped, you are as fertile as before.

Best time to stop the pill

In principle you can stop at any time with the pill, so also halfway through your strip. But this does not mean that you are more fertile then. It is best to stop the pill at a good time and that is when you finished your comic.

When on time after stopping the pill?

If you are neatly stopped at the moment your strip was gone, you will first lose your blood. This looks like a menstruation, but it takes less time and is less intense. After this your hormones will gradually come into balance again and your natural menstrual cycle will start again.

When your first natural menstruation starts again is difficult to say. Some women return to menstruation after a few weeks, but others have to wait for months, up to a year. Once you have had a normal period, you are sure that you have ovulation again and become pregnant after the pill is possible. But do not be too worried, it can happen that you are already expecting earlier. Your ovulation is 2 weeks before the first day of your period.

If you do not want to become pregnant immediately after the pill, you will have to use another form of contraception, such as condoms.

When to become pregnant after the pill?

Getting pregnant after the pill is associated with your menstrual cycle. This cycle indicates when you are ovulating. For this reason, doctors recommend that you start with the efforts to become pregnant after having had your first menstrual period. Are you soon period again, then you are also fertile.

If it takes longer, then you still have to be patient. It is not possible to indicate beforehand when your cycle will start again. On average it takes about 1 to 3 months, but do not pin us on this. It differs very much per woman. This does not mean that you have to wait. You can of course just try it. Not shot is always wrong.

Good reviews and no more fuss with a light stripe or not. This test even indicates how many weeks you are pregnant!

Do not overdose after stopping the pill

If your normal menstruation remains painfully long, this can mean two things: whether you are pregnant (do a pregnancy test!) Or your cycle is not yet underway. So you have not had ovulation. It often happens that the body takes a year to properly 'turn' again.
Are you (unfortunately) not pregnant and have you not been on time, but have stopped taking the pill for a year? Then contact your doctor.

Getting pregnant after pill tips

Finally, a few tips to get pregnant as soon as possible after the pill:

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