The expulsion phase of the birth

The moment is finally there: the childbirth can begin! This means that you can give in to the urge to press, but not before the midwife has checked with an internal examination whether you have complete access. It is not wise to fully squeeze before your digestion because the cervix is ​​not yet stretched far enough enough to let your baby's head through. Are you (finally!) At the moment that you are allowed to press, then officially the expulsion phase start.

How long does the expulsion phase last?

The duration of the expulsion phase depends on whether this is your first delivery or if you have already given birth. If it is the first time you like it, this phase can last for about an hour, although it sometimes feels or is much longer. This is partly because some tissue needs to be stretched before the 'way is clear'.

As with everything during the graceful period, the time that women do about it is never exactly the same. Some women squeeze longer and other women only have to press for a short period. If this delivery is not your first one, the entire process (progress opening up and the expulsion phase) will go a lot faster.

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Posture for pressing

During the pressing you can take various postures. The important thing is that you adopt an attitude that feels most comfortable for you. You can lie on your side or on your back or sit half-way. But you can also stand on your hands and knees or squat. In itself it does not make much sense to make a decision now about which attitude you will adopt. It often happens that women find a completely different attitude during delivery. This is entirely dependent on what you feel at that moment.

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The birth of your child

During the pressing, your child slowly descends into the birth canal. First, the back of your baby comes out, then the forehead, nose, chin and then quickly follows the rest of the body.
And there your baby is FINALLY! Congratulations!

Before you can take your baby in your arms, some small checks are carried out first. For this the Apgarscore used with 5 points: the breathing of your child, color, reaction, heart rate and muscle tone. After this check you can keep your sweet child against your body. This is even very good for your baby because he or she can feel the warmth of your body and so relax.

Phase after the expulsion phase

Now that your child is born you are unfortunately not ready yet. Another phase follows: the afterbirth phase. You can read more about this phase of childbirth here.

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