Which pacifier to buy for your newborn baby?

Newborn babies need different pacifiers than babies that are already several months old, for example. In addition, pacifiers also differ in shape and are made of different materials. Do you want the right one buy a pacifier for your baby? pennea.org helps you on your way!

Why buy a pacifier?

The first five months your baby has a big suction need. This suction requirement ensures that you continue to make milk when you are breastfeeding and want to drink your baby. Because you can not give the whole day the breast or a bottle, a pacifier is a good way to satisfy the sucking needs. In addition, a teat has a soothing effect on your baby and gives him or her a feeling of safety and security.

Pacifier or thumbs?

A pacifier is clearly better for your baby than thumbs. A teat is namely:

  • more tooth-friendly;
  • more hygienic;
  • safer.

In addition, it is also easier to stop with a teat than with thumbs.

Different types of pacifiers

There are a lot of different types of pacifiers available. You can also buy a pacifier in many different places, such as the supermarket, pharmacy or baby store. The teats have different shapes and images. Usually it is a matter of taste which you purchase. The best known pacifier brands are: Difrax and Bibi.
There are also 2 types of teats for sale:

  1. Physiological weaning:

    With these teats, the suction part is round and round and looks like a nipple. These teats are often quickly accepted by your baby and you do not have to think about which way to go above.

  2. Dental pacifiers:

    The suction part of these teats is slightly curved and can be pressed against the palate. These teats are good for the development of the jaw and palate. With these teats you have to make sure that you are doing the right side up!

Want to know more about Difrax pacifiers?

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Which pacifier for your newborn baby (a newborn pacifier)?

Do you want to buy a pacifier for your newborn baby pay attention to the age category on the package. Small babies need different teats than babies 6 months old. The older your child, the bigger and stronger the shield and suction part.

Buying biological or silicone pacifier?

Most pacifiers are made of silicone. In itself there is nothing wrong with that, but be sure to check whether the teat is free of BHA. There is then 'BHA free' or 'Bisphenol A 0%' on the packaging. BHA is a synthetic substance that is suspected to be harmful to your baby.

Besides silicone pacifiers you can also buy organic pacifiers. These are made of 100% natural rubber. Organic teats are always BHA free. Another advantage is that these teats are made from one piece and have no seams. This prevents bacteria and junk from remaining on the teat.

Tips for safe use of the pacifier

  1. Replace the pacifier every 6 weeks.
  2. Check daily that the teat has no cracks or other damage. You can do this by pulling on the suction part. Replace the teat immediately if you notice any damage.
  3. Do you notice that your baby can bite the teat? Then it's time to replace the pacifier with a biting toy.
  4. Clean the teat regularly. You can do this by cooking it together with the bottle pens or in the sterilizer. Sterilize or boil the teat immediately after purchase.
  5. Handy: use a cord to attach the teat to your baby's clothes. You do not have to search every time. Do the cord if your baby is going to sleep.

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