Week 12 and 13: Something too much arrived and results NIPT

In week 12 I weighed myself again after a month and that was a bit disappointing. So I really have to pay attention to my nutrition and that is heavy, because I still have a great appetite for food. Yet I did manage! In week 12 I also got blood for the NIPT and in week 13 I got the results!

On the scale

Since more than a month I decided once again to stand on the scales and I was shocked. I had reached three kilos in my first trimester! That is a lot above the average. Actually, I could have known, because the amount of food that I pushed inside was much more than I did before. But every time I thought: I feel bad, I am pregnant or this 'well, only today'. But that 'only today' lasted a few weeks.

I could not escape it: I really had to pay attention to my weight and eat less. And that was very difficult, because I still had a lot of fun to eat all day. This week, for example, I dreamed the whole week of blueberry muffins and baking liquorice. That's why I decided to tackle something else than my usual (mega boring) lunch of 3 sandwiches with toppings. From now on I went for a nice lunch with a light salad, sliced ​​sourdough bread and tasty toppings. I could look forward to it every day and it was just healthy. And in addition, I was allowed every day a small piece of KINDER chocolate. Hoping for the best!


This week I also released quite a few tubes of blood for the NIPT. This is a blood test where they test for, among other things, Down's syndrome and Edward's syndrome. The taking of the blood really does not mean anything. You do not have to do NIPT if you do not want to. A week later my midwife called the result and everything was fine! I spontaneously got tears in my eyes of joy!

Week 13 of my pregnancy

It is the 13th week of my pregnancy and thus also the last week of my first trimester. Finally the last week! What did I look forward to, especially in week 9 when I felt miserable, half depressed and super tired. 'Just continue,' I said to myself 'in two or three weeks I have to feel better'. And still twisted: I really feel better! Or at least: better than then!

Although I have to be honest that sometimes I feel very good and then think the next day: 'Oh no, not at all'. Some days I am still a bit sick or very tired, but generally I feel fitter. The sport is a lot better than a few weeks ago so I have already put my sport regime on again. I feel so good.
I actually have less of a feeling that I am pregnant, but because I know that this is the super fine incident of the second trimester, I mostly count my blessings.

Upscaling sports schedule

I feel so much more energetic and fitter than I have put my sports schedule on. And I'm happy about that, especially given the fact that there is already 3 kilo extra Roos to keep from. Now I know that I am going to arrive even more, but then no more fat silos. Only baby kilos.
Previously, I followed a sports schedule for pregnant women, but I find that too simple now. So I went back to my familiar trainings. In these trainings I take into account my pregnancy. I do not jump, I make sure my heart rate is not so high that I can not say a sentence anymore and I do not train my right abdominal muscles anymore.

I really enjoy the fact that I can exercise more normally and that has given me immediate motivation to adjust my diet even further. I now eat more vegetables over the day, slightly more protein and slightly less carbohydrates. Because of my new drive I even manage not to eat so much anymore and my cravings have really gotten a lot less. Weird, how much can change in a week.

Last week I was deeply disappointed because my husband did not take the muffins that I had been looking forward to for days. Now I do not need them anymore and I look forward to my healthy meals. Is it due to the hormones or is it also due to the fact that I feel healthier and fitter again? I think both. It is now a good way for me to scoop the grams of fat that I have arrived a bit or at least make sure that no more fat is added!

Married for half a year

To conclude this week my husband and I celebrated that we were married for half a year. Half a year already! In some cases the time is very fast, but that is often mainly with things that you are not doing very much.
Something like your pregnancy, on the other hand, does not stand out that way. To celebrate it, my husband and I went for lunch on Sunday. And of course not a croquette sandwich, but a delicious 4-course menu.
Oh, I like that. Cozy extensive food, because I love food. And now that I am pregnant, that has only become more.

Next time you can read about the fact that I have to exchange my normal clothing for maternity wear, my search for quality maternity wear at a low price and my alcohol-free mini-carnival.

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