Shaken Baby Syndrome Video

Everyone knows that you should not shake a baby or child. Regardless of your frustration and irritation. By shaking a baby you can cause irreparable damage, which you will definitely regret later. This one Shaken Baby Syndrome video Oops Animation about shaking a baby does not need sound. The images speak for themselves and show you what happens to the brain of the baby!

Shaken Baby Syndrome Video

This animation video is already a few years old but still up-to-date. The images can be shocking but this is something that every parent, grandfather and grandmother should know. You know that shaking is something that is not allowed, but images say more than a lot of words.
Sharing is allowed! The more people know this the better.

What is the Shaken baby Syndrome?

Still babies come every year to the first aid who have suffered serious injury by shaking them violently. There are around 80 each year and this is eighty too many.
Parents are frustrated because their baby or child continues to cry, impotence and frustration are reasons for Shaken Baby Syndrome in young children.

But even if you panic because your baby stops breathing, for example, there is no reason to shake him or her. Make sure you know what to do if your baby chokes. Shaking is certainly not part of that.

Shaking your baby together can also cause permanent damage that you do not even see in the beginning, but which will not come to light until you have forgotten about shaking and frustration. Deafness, behavioral problems and developmental delay are just a few examples of injury from shaking. This is clearly visible in the Skaken Baby Syndrome video.

Sharing can ensure that many people are reminded that the shaking of a baby is the worst thing you can do!

You can read a lot more information about shaking baby syndrome here.

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