What do you feel during a delivery?

Do you have to give birth for the first time? Then you might want to know what you can expect a bit. It is very difficult to describe and answer what do you feel during a delivery. In addition, it is of course different for everyone. But in spite of that, some small guidelines are always nice.

Below the story of a woman and her delivery. In this she explains what she felt during the birth in the beginning, the middle and at the actual birth. Have you already had a birth? We are very curious about your story!

'Four months ago I gave birth to my first child, without a spinal puncture. I will tell you my experience of childbirth now that it is still reasonably fresh in my memory. Here I will leave my personal experience as far as possible and focus on the question, what do you feel during a delivery.

What do you feel during a delivery: The start

You do not notice the start of your delivery very much, maybe you do not even notice it. You probably have had Braxton Hicks (Hard Bells, RED.) In the previous weeks, so you ignore the slight contractions that you feel. These contractions feel a bit like doing your abdominal exercises without actually doing them.

The middle part

Wow, it is starting to look like a beginning childbirth. The contractions begin to hurt. It feels like someone is punching you in the belly while someone else tries to pull your hips in two different directions. But you only feel this pain during the contractions, in between you can catch your breath.

Nowadays you are connected to a monitor where you can see exactly how your woe is going. It can be very nice to actually see when your wee is almost over. I was in a bath during these contractions, which helped to prevent the pain. I could even sit and talk to my husband, the nurse and midwife. Good breathing and moaning really helped me to undergo the wee.

Almost at the end of the auction

If you have arrived at this moment you can not talk anymore. You are only concerned with enduring the painful contractions. Now that the contractions follow each other faster and are more intense, you can sweat and vibrate considerably. It may also be that you are very thirsty now.

And then, you get a huge need to press.

This is a very strange feeling that you really can not control. Your body knows exactly what needs to be done, even if you do not yet know it yourself.

What do you feel at the end of the delivery?

You start pressing! Exactly as you do with a big message. You should not be surprised if you actually try. But that is very normal. At that moment you really do not matter, you just want that baby out.

This part did not hurt me so much, my midwife had put me in a position that worked well for me. The pressing was very tiring. You sweat, vibrate and your abdominal muscles feel as if they are going to go.

You also have the feeling that your anus is going to turn inside out!

When the baby comes through the birth canal, you feel an extreme pressure on your hips. The moment your baby comes out of your vagina, you feel that your vagina is on fire. Personally, I found this more painful than the contractions, but since you realize at that moment that everything is almost over and you're full of adrenaline, you give everything you still have in you. Once the head is out, the rest will also slip out quickly.

Your baby!

Suddenly the pain stops. Or maybe the pain does not really stop, but your body now makes so many hormones, especially oxytocin, that you feel great. There is now a small person who was not there before. And this person is now on your chest. Everything around you is blurry, but that little face is crystal clear. You get shivers and vibrations, you have worked incredibly hard and your body immediately starts with the recovery.

If your baby is already ready for the first breastfeeding (my baby was eating right away) and you start to feed you feel some aftermath, but these are not so painful. Breastfeeding causes your uterus to shrink slowly again until it has a normal size again. This feels very like heavy menstrual cramps and these become less intense with the week.

After the birth

You feel euphoric for a few days. It is all so exciting! And what do you feel a lot of love for your little baby! I could hardly sleep because I just wanted to look at her. When you are breastfeeding you will still feel some cramps and your body will also produce a lot of the hormone oxytocin. I could actually feel this in my body, there was a strange tickle in my head and I suddenly felt very good and happy.

Your pussy lips look like hot dogs.

You also have a lot of blood loss, but after a few days it will be less until it looks like normal menstruation. Your body does very well and you have muscle pain. It feels a bit like having a car accident. In addition, your breasts swell and they also feel painful, but that too quickly passes.

If you are torn or clipped, your stitches will start to draw when the swellings are gone. This feels very uncomfortable. You will also cry a lot, without really having a reason for this. But usually cry because you are very tired and overwhelmed by emotions. These symptoms will decrease after 4 to 6 weeks. It takes about 3 months before you feel a bit old again.

Eventually the memory of the pain will fade and everything that remains of memories of your birth is rosy. Even after 4 months. I can remind myself that I was in pain, but I remember especially the pleasant moment I had with my husband and the team that helped with the delivery.

We were chatting loudly and sometimes had to laugh hard despite the fact that everyone had seen me poodle naked while I was sweating, moaning and pooping. I think that nature lets us forget the pain so that we do not stop propagating ourselves. "

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