This changes your body during a pregnancy

A pregnancy is the beginning of a new life and every time it is a miracle when a child is born. Besides being pregnant and giving birth is seen by many as the most beautiful event in a lifetime, it is also a change for the body for the woman. In this article we take you through the different periods of pregnancy and tell you what you can do to get back in shape again.

The pregnancy

In the time you are pregnant, your body changes considerably. In the first trimester, the first three months, you do not notice much of this, but when you are in the second trimester your belly starts to grow considerably. In the third trimester, or the last three months, you really can no longer get around your changed body. Your belly then grows harder and faster until you like it.

During the delivery

At the moment that you give birth, the size of your belly is at its peak. It will no longer grow, the baby is ready to come into the world. If you then give birth, all shame is gone - as you may have heard before from women around you who have experienced a birth - and you will not worry about all the medical staff around you moment supreme.

After birth

Once you have given birth, you are completely in the clouds. Your partner, parents, brothers and sisters and other family members are also very proud. A good time is coming, from now on there is a family member and you will enjoy it. Once the maternity period is over and the structure in the family is back in order, there are women who would like to work on their bodies again. Your belly has been stretched considerably in the past nine months and therefore not as tight as you were used to. That is part of it and is not bad. If you still want to do something about it, then start moving slowly.

Back in shape after pregnancy

You move in different ways. So you can order a mountain bike, with which you cycle a few times a week. Even if it is only 15 or 30 minutes. This you can build up quietly, to what feels good. In addition, you can also easily walk every day after giving birth and build up more and more. In this way you get fresh air as well as exercise, which you always do well.

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