Sunglasses for babies

What have we had again beautiful weather the past few days! Nice, sunny weather is really enjoying, but do not forget to take good precautions for yourself and of course for your baby. You should never forget to put your little one in well and also: put your baby sunglasses on when you go outside. The eyes of your baby are very vulnerable. Sunglasses for babies can prevent eye damage in the future!

Baby sunglasses needed

We all know that we have to rub our babies, toddlers and preschoolers when they go outside in the sun. But did you know that you should not only protect the skin optimally, but also the eyes of your child? According to the Eye Fund, 95% of people are aware that children should be smeared, but only 7% of parents know that the eyes of your little one need protection.

Sunglasses for babies is not a luxury, it is a pure necessity!

Too much sunlight, especially in the summer when the sun is the most powerful, can cause permanent damage to the eyes of your little one, according to the Eye Fund. Children's eyes are more vulnerable than those of adults. That is because their pupil is larger and the eyes contain less pigment that can protect the eyes. When there is a lot of sunlight and UV radiation in the eyes, it can damage the cornea. This increases the risk of eye diseases, according to the Eye Fund.

These negative consequences only occur in the long term. Keep in mind that it is not just about direct sunlight, but also the reflection of sunlight that can get into the eyes. Think of reflection of sunlight on sand, snow and water.

Take extra care with the sun

At times you have to pay extra attention to the sun. For example:

  1. On vacation with the baby to countries close to the equator: the closer you get to the equator, the stronger the sun is. For example, countries in Southern Europe.
  2. Between 12.00 and 15.00: in the afternoon the sun is at its strongest. So always keep this in mind. It is best to avoid the sun at those times. Also on cloudy days!
  3. At altitude as in the mountains, the intensity of the sun is also stronger.
  4. Watch out for reflection on sand, water and in the mountains. Therefore always put your baby sunglasses on.

Sunglasses for babies from 3 months

You can purchase sunglasses for babies from the moment your baby is very small. The younger your child, the more vulnerable the eyes are. A baby can already wear sunglasses from the moment your child leaves the baby sunglasses on the nose. Try to get your baby to get used to it as quickly as possible.

What helps to keep the sunglasses on the head, there is an elastic band to attach. Make sure it is not too tight. Incidentally, you do not necessarily have to make a baby-proof sunglasses yourself. There are also special baby sunglasses for sale!

Best baby sunglasses

There are various sunglasses on the market. Because it is so important for your baby that the eyes are well protected, it is also important that you buy the right sunglasses. Good sunglasses for babies meet the following requirements:

  • The glasses must offer 100% UV protection or it must be UV 400. This is usually indicated on the side of the glasses or on the label.
  • The glasses must be big enough so that it can keep all the light out of the eyes. So make sure there is no space above, below or on the sides where UV light can penetrate.
  • The sunglasses must have a CE marking. This mark contains a number from 0 to 4. This figure indicates how much light the sunglasses can absorb. The baby sunglasses can best have the number 3 or 4.
  • The glasses can not break, so make sure they are made of unbreakable polycarbonate, for example.

Hip sunglasses baby

Sunglasses for babies come in many sizes and colors. If your baby is still young, it is best to opt for sunglasses with an elastic band. These glasses are available in nice colors with beautiful motifs in various places. Think for example of, mamaloesbabysjop or Always check whether the sunglasses that you buy meet the specified requirements!

Baby banz sunglasses

Good sunglasses for babies are those of the BabyBanz brand. This brand has suitable glasses for babies from 0 years. The glasses contain silicone at the nose and the forehead, so the sunglasses do not push into the skin. The elastic band is adjustable so that it is never too tight or too loose around the head.

The baby sunglasses can also grow with your little one! The glasses are available in many shapes and sizes and offer good protection for the eyes. Always check whether the sunglasses for babies meet the requirements!

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