Durable children's clothing and baby clothing

Now that the earth is still being polluted far too much and everyone is going to see that we all have to do something about it, the term 'sustainable' has become almost a trend in itself. In addition to sustainable cars, solar panels and electrical appliances, there are also sustainable children's clothing brands available. Read more about the benefits of sustainable children's clothing and where you can purchase them!

Sustainable baby clothing

More and more people see that it is necessary that we all live more sustainably. Especially if we want the next generation, so your little innocent child, to have a good life. Nowadays everything can be more sustainable, think of electric cars and energy-saving devices. But clothing can also become more sustainable. What does that actually mean?

Sustainable children's clothing or in fact all clothing that has the label 'sustainable' is clothing made from materials that have been grown in an environmentally friendly way. So for example without aggressive pesticides and chemicals.

Sustainable children's clothing made of bamboo or organic cotton

A good example of sustainable children's clothing is children's clothing made from bamboo or organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and artificial fertilizers. This reduces the burden on the environment.

Another advantage of organic cotton is that it is softer than the 'normal' version, precisely because no chemicals have been discussed.

In addition, it is claimed that children with sensitive skin can wear better organic cotton because it irritates the skin less.

Besides organic cotton, children's clothing from bamboo is also on the rise. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that only needs a little water and sunlight to grow. There is therefore no need to use pesticides. That makes it a sustainable product. The only disadvantage of bamboo is that the processing of the plant into clothing does not always take place in an environmentally friendly manner. Here are many more steps to take. Probably those steps will also be made, since sustainability is still super hot.

The advantages of organic cotton and bamboo are that these substances breathe so that your child does not get too hot quickly. In addition, bamboo seems easy to absorb sweat without sticking musty smells. This is also very ideal for adults who suffer from sweaty feet and then bamboo socks are a godsend.
Finally, bamboo clothing feels super soft and is very comfortable. So wonderful for your little one!

Responsible children's clothing

Buying only organic cotton or bamboo clothing may be more sustainable than other clothing, it does not immediately say that you are also doing a very responsible job. Because not all clothing made from organic cotton is equally sustainable and it can also prevent the fabric from being sustainable, but the people who produce your durable children's clothing work under poor conditions.

Truly responsible children's clothing is clothing that is truly sustainable and fair trade. To determine this, you can check which label is included. Note: there are also big differences here. View a handy overview of quality marks and what they stand for. Good labels for organic fair trade clothing are: Fair for Life, Naturtextil IVN, European Ecolabel, Cotton made in Africa and Global Organic Textile Standard (COTS).

Nice sustainable children's clothing

Sustainable and ecological activity used to be for goat wool socks types, but nowadays that is no longer the case. In fact, more and more large retail chains offer sustainable children's clothing made from organic cotton, think of H & M and Hema! But also from other brands you can find very nice clothes for your little one and secretly for yourself! Sustainable children's clothing is not only better for the environment, it also looks really nice.

Durable children's clothing brands

You can find nice and durable children's clothes at the following stores:

  • Waschbaer

    Organic children's clothing including organic cotton, wool and silk.

  • Eko de Peko

    Organic and fair trade children's clothing.

  • Imps & Elfs

    Organic cotton clothing with unique Dutch design.

  • Rockingreen

    Unique and cool children's clothing that is ecologically sound, sustainable and / or fair trade.

  • Gray label

    Dutch brand that makes beautiful stylish unisex children's clothing from quality organic cotton.

  • nOeser

    Cheerful children's clothing with animal prints, also made from organic cotton.

  • Kidscase

    Also a Dutch brand. The durable children's clothing from Kidscase is playful, stylish and very unique.

  • C & A

    At C & A you can go for cheaper organic clothing that is also very nice. C & A says that they are the largest supplier of organic cotton in the whole world.

  • Carlijnq

    Durable children's clothing with a high wearing comfort and very nice prints.

  • Claesens

    Lovely Dutch brand that makes great baby clothes and children's clothing with super cute and cool design.

  • Fresk

    Dutch brand with special baby clothing that is sweet, stubborn, fresh and a bit retro.

  • Hema

    The Hema also sells organic cotton.

  • Koeka

    At Koeka you can buy sustainable clothing in beautiful pastel colors that is of good quality.

  • Little Indians

    Very nice children's clothing with unique prints. The clothing is not only sustainable, but also 100% fair trade.

  • Little label

    Solid unisex children's clothing in beautiful neutral colors.

  • H & M

    If you have less to spend, you can also buy very nice durable children's clothing and baby clothing from organic cotton at the H & M. That is the H & M conscious line.

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