25 weeks pregnant

The moment has arrived that you 25 weeks pregnant are. Are you secretly already counting down a bit?
Your belly and therefore your baby is still growing and your baby is now just as big as a swede. In centimeters this is 32 centimeters and the weight is already on the 650 grams.

From now on your baby will swim around less in the amniotic fluid because there is less space. That is not bad for your baby and fun for you and your partner. Your partner can now clearly feel the kicking of your baby!
Because your baby is still in motion, he or she will always assume different positions in the womb. Sometimes your child is with his head up and sometimes down again. It will take a while for your baby to remain in a position until birth. So do not worry if your baby is in a breech.

Heart baby listening with a toilet roll

It is possible that your partner can hear the heart of your baby through an empty toilet roll. Place the toilet roll about 10 centimeters below your navel. Then listen and shift little by little until the heart is heard. The heart of your baby is about twice as fast as your heart, so the difference must be clearly heard!

There are also devices for sale to listen to the heart of your baby at home, as with the midwife, with a Doppler device.

25 weeks pregnant: In the pregnancy calendar you follow the development of your baby from week to week

More and more a real baby

Since last week the baby is busy growing some fat. Now that you are 25 weeks pregnant, this goes quietly. Because he gets more and more fat, the skin is pulled a little tighter so that he or she looks less wrinkled. In addition, the skin gets more and more a pink color because the capillaries are filled with blood.

Irresistible belly at 25 weeks pregnant

Probably you can not resist to rub your belly often. Now that your belly is very visible, you will notice that other people are being pulled to your stomach like a magnet. Probably first your unborn baby is greeted and then you pass. Some women sometimes experience this as less pleasant. If you find it annoying that everyone is on your stomach, you can indicate that immediately. After all, it is your body!

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Hard bellies or exercise pains

Although the baby is still in your stomach for a while, it can happen that when you are 25 weeks pregnant you will suffer from hard bellies. Hard bellies are also called exercise contractions, pre-contractions or Braxton-Hick contractions. When you feel this means that your uterus is contracting.

For your womb this is an exercise for when it really matters. Do not worry so immediately and it does not mean that you will give birth. A hard belly is not harmful to your baby, but is often a sign that you have to take it a little easier. Read more information about hard bellies here.

Make sure you eat enough fish

During your pregnancy and when you breastfeed later, it is important to eat enough (fatty) fish. In fish there is a very important omega-3 fatty acid called DHA. This fatty acid contributes to a good development of the brain of your baby, the eyes and the nervous system. Therefore, make sure that you eat fish twice a week, of which one time fat fish.

Do you not like fish? Then make preparations with DHA.
You can find more information about what you can or can not eat during pregnancy here.

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