How do you survive night nutrients? 9 tips!

The reason that with many new parents the bags under the eyes with the week become bigger and darker, is because of the broken nights. And these broken nights are partly caused by night feeding. You hardly get lost because your little one is just hungry. If your baby really needs food at night or if only attention is needed, then you will have to think of a way to survive the night nutrients. Read the tips for: How do you survive night nutrients??

9 tips for how to survive your night food!

  1. Accept that you have to give night feeding

    Every time, bales of the fact that you have to go out at night, really does not help. If your baby is hungry in the night, you must respond as a good parent. Keeping yourself excited about this costs unnecessarily a lot of energy and then your night food will not survive. It is as it is, and there will be a day when your child will really go through the night.

  2. Do not look at the clock

    If you look at the clock, you are going to focus too much on time. You keep track of how long you are feeding and how much sleep you have left. Do not! This only makes you frustrate and irritate yourself. This can even cause you to sleep harder after feeding.

  3. Keep your baby close to you

    This is entirely up to you, but you can choose to let your baby sleep in the bedroom with you. For example, by placing the cradle there, or you opt for a co-sleeper or bedside crib. That way you do not have to leave your bed every time, but you can immediately take your baby, feed, put it back and continue sleeping. This could even be half asleep! It has another advantage because usually some babies can sleep better when they are close to Daddy and Mummy.

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  5. Take as many sleep moments as possible in between

    Try to catch your sleep at other times. For example, go for a few hours in the evening for the last feeding. Or pack your sleep in the morning if your partner is still at home. Which also helps: sleep when your baby sleeps. Sometimes mothers do household chores, but you can also do well when your baby is awake. You should also go to sleep when your baby is asleep. Cozy right?

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  7. Shared sorrow is half sorrow

    Even if you are breastfeeding, it does not necessarily mean that you always have to get out of bed for night feeding. Certainly not at the moment that you go back to work. Survive your night nutrients by making a division with your partner. Kolf, for example, during the day some extra so your partner or at night or late at night can give a bottle while you go to bed early.

  8. Take care of yourself

    You would forget to take good care of yourself almost in all the crowds and the lack of sleep, while that is actually very important. Okay, probably a sauna visit is not there, but you can make sure you stay healthy, drink enough water and try to move. For example, walking with your baby or doing a short workout at home via YouTube. A healthy body pulls all the pressure better than a body that is full of rubbish and does not move at all.

  9. Never compare your child with other children

    Maybe your neighbor is already sleeping, or your sister can not understand that you still give night food while she was off after a few months. Every child is different and every child has different needs. Do not compare your baby with another child. You do not shoot anything at all.

  10. Staying overnight

    How do you survive night nutrients? By having your baby sleep with someone else. Grandpa and grandma really do not mind to take care of your little one overnight, really not. If necessary, your mother can stay overnight with you and take over the night food, while the baby stays close to you.

  11. Adjust the power supplies slightly

    First make sure you know if your baby is crying because he or she is hungry, or in need of attention. When the latter is the case, your child will not drink much during feeding. If your baby is hungry, you can check whether you can adjust the diet. That way your night-food will not only survive, but they may not be needed anymore.

    For example, try to feed your baby a bit more during the day. If you are an evening person, give the last bottle a little later. You can also mix a bit of rice flour with the milk so that it will saturate your baby for longer.

How do you survive night nutrients? Do you have any tips that should not be missing in this list?

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