Rent or buy electric breast pump

Do you have to pump daily and do not want to be busy for a long time, then you better choose an electric breast pump. They often deliver more milk than a manual pump. There are single-sided and double-sided breast pumps. You can choose to buy a breast pump but you can also buy one pump.

Single-sided electric breast pump

This pump device has one pump. Advantage of this device is that it is a lot cheaper than the double-sided versions and it is easier to carry. The disadvantage is that the pumping does take longer.
This type of electric flask is best suited for women who pump about 1 or 2 days per week.

Double-sided flasks

The name says it all, this breast pump has 2 breast pumps. The pumping is much faster with double-sided flasks. After all, you are pumping two breasts at the same time. In addition, pumping is also easier. Because you puff two breasts at the same time, you make more hormones that stimulate the extra reflex extra. Result: better milk production.
The double-sided breast pump is useful for women who pump almost daily and / or pump out almost all feeds for the baby.

Are you looking for a breast pump?

I have collected some purchase tips for you. These are the most sold breast pumps of the moment!

Please note that electric flasks must always have electricity. There are bottles available that (also) work on batteries. These batteries are drained quickly because the motors consume a lot of power.

In addition to buying a breast pump, you can also rent a breast pump at many organizations.

So you can rent a flask at the Values, and in every big city are rental points where you can easily rent a flask. Like in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht.

Professional pediatrician hire

In addition to double- and single-sided breast pumps, there is another big difference between electric flasks. You also have professional flasks next to the flasks that are for sale in the store for private individuals. A professional breast pump is usually used in the hospital and is not for sale in the regular shop. You can use it at home, but then you will have to rent the pump. This costs about € 10 per week. The costs will be lower as you rent the flask for a longer period of time.
You can rent a professional breast pump at:

  • Hospital;
  • home care shop;
  • lactation consultant;
  • maternity care institutions;
  • obstetric practice.

Professional flasks are very suitable for getting milk production going well. That is because the engine has more power than the engines of the other electric flasks. If you want to rent a professional breast pump, you only rent the motor. You should buy the pump kit with it.

Whether you choose to buy a breast pump or rent a breast pump that is personal. If you rent a device you know that you have a well-functioning breast pump in your home. If you buy it yourself then you are probably cheaper, because you can always sell the pump to another mother.

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