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A baby needs a lot of things that go beyond diapers, a bottle, teat and clothes. Is this your first child? Then the list of things that you need seems to become longer and longer. You are probably also surprised at the things that are necessary, but you have not thought about (until now). From now on, do not worry anymore, something very simple has been devised to ensure that you immediately know which items you need: baby uitlijst. This list really contains everything you need for the first weeks after delivery.

Download the dropout list for the baby here

When will you receive everything?

You do not have to collect the items right from the first week of your pregnancy. This then only takes up a lot of space and it can also happen that you get all things offered during your pregnancy or you get them during your babyshower. Wait a while with the purchase of the complete baby expansion list.

A good time to start everything is towards the end of your second trimester. At that moment you are still very mobile (your belly is not that big yet) and you also have enough energy to go on the road. In any case, try to have everything in your house one month before your due date.

The baby stakeout list

Below the complete list of items from the baby list that you need from the moment your baby is there! To begin with, you always need a maternity package, regardless of whether you like it in the hospital or at home. A maternity package contains cotton wool, gauze, disinfectants, bandages and more. You can order a complete package via, prenatal or natalis.

Baby clothes

  1. 6 Rompers:

    buy 3 in size 50/56 and 3 in size 56/56, so you can be sure that you have the right size. If you already know that you have a small or big baby, you can take 6 rompers of one size.

  2. 6 x Outerwear:

    Think of shirts, vests and sweaters. The best is clothing with snap buttons at the neck. Consider the season in which your baby is born. Also keep in mind the size of these clothes. So buy 3 of size 50/56 and 3 of size 56/56

  3. 1 Jacket or vest:

    1 jacket or vest is sufficient to ensure that your baby stays nice and warm when you go outside. In the summer you can choose a summer jacket.

  4. 6 Trousers:

    Purchase 3 sock pants (shorts with socks) for the first few weeks. These pants are the most comfortable and your baby always has warm feet. You can also buy a nice pair of jeans and some jogging pants. Please note that comfort is the most important thing for your baby!

  5. 4 pairs of socks:

    The correct sock size for newborn babies is 10-12. If the size is not listed, select the socks which indicate that they are suitable for babies from 0 to 3 months.

  6. Hats:

    Did you know that we humans lose the most heat through our heads? To ensure that your baby maintains a pleasantly comfortable temperature it is good to buy baby beanies. Make sure your hats (for example 2 pieces) are made of cotton. This fabric breathes and feels soft.

With your baby on the road

Of course you do not enter your baby all day long. If you have given birth in the hospital, you will also want to bring your baby safely to his or her new home. For this you need the following products:

  1. Car seat or car seat:

    Newborn babies may only be transported in a group 0+ car seat. Read more about car seats here.

  2. Diaper bag:

    You will soon notice that you have to take a lot of stuff with you when you go out with your baby (diapers, bottles, baby wipes, extra clothes etc.) therefore also purchase a diaper bag.

  3. Pram:

    A pram is indispensable if you still want to leave the house!

Your baby in bath

  1. Baby bath including standard:

    You want to keep your baby clean and of course it is nice that your back is not underneath. Therefore choose a baby bath with a standard.

  2. Baby oil or washing gel (soap-free):

    Your baby's skin stays nice and smooth when you put a little baby oil or soap-free wash gel in the bath. Never use your own shower equipment!

  3. Hydrophilic washcloths:

    These washcloths are made of cotton and therefore soft. Ideal for a bath or when you want to wash your baby at a different time.
    Not essential but useful:

    • Baby shampoo;
    • Thermometer for the bath;
    • Bad capes.

Change diaper

  • 2 Packs of diapers for newborn babies:

    It is very useful to have a small inventory of diapers in the house. There are many brands available and it is up to you which you want to purchase. Make sure you buy 'newborn' diapers.

  • Bill cloths:

    Rags are essential for clean legs. The cleaner you make the buttocks, the smaller the chance of diaper rash.

  • Skin cream:

    Also cream cream is essential to ensure that your baby does not get a diaper rash. It protects your little buttocks against the harmful substances in stool and urine.

  • Changing pad:

    You put a changing mat on the changing table. This pillow ensures that your baby does not roll off the changing table and is soft when changing or dressing. Buy 2 covers with the pillow.
    Not essential but useful:

  • Diaper bucket
  • Let your baby sleep well

  • Crib or crib:

    A cradle can only be used in the first months. After this you need a cot, but you can use it immediately instead of the cradle. A bed can last a few years.

  • Mattress:

    Of course your baby can not lie on the hard bottom. A mattress is therefore necessary. Make sure you buy the correct size and that the mattress is certainly not too small. If you have a maximum of 2 centimeters between the side of the bed and the mattress, it is still good. In addition, the mattress must be at least 8 centimeters thick.

  • 3 pieces of fitted sheets:

    Fitted sheets are put around the mattress so that you can easily change and your baby is soft. - molton: a molton is an extra protective layer between the mattress and fitted sheet. With a view to hygiene, a molton is actually indispensable. - 3 sheets: if it is warmer your baby can lie under a sheet.

  • 2 Wool or cotton blankets:

    When it is colder, your baby can lie under a sheet with a blanket on top. If it is very cold, you can also take two blankets. If your child is younger than 2 years, it is better to let him or her sleep under a blanket. A duvet is still too hot and can be dangerous.

  • 2 jars (made of metal and seamless):

    A newborn baby should never have it cold. A jug is a good way to ensure that your baby stays on temperature. Not every jar is equally safe, so always opt for seamless and metal jars.

  • Jar bags:

    You can also buy jug bags at the jugs. These hold the heat of the jar longer and offer extra safety.
    Not essential but useful:

    • night light;
    • travel cot;
    • sleeping bags instead of blankets.

Are you looking for a breast pump?

I have collected some purchase tips for you. These are the most sold breast pumps of the moment!

For breastfeeding mothers

  • Nutritional bras:

    Although you can save without it, nursing bras are very useful when you are breastfeeding. These bras contain an extra closure at the front so you can quickly open the bra and feed your baby. In addition, these bras are more comfortable than other bras which is very nice now that your breasts are very sensitive. With 2 nursing bras you have come a long way.

  • Nursing pads:

    Do not feel like wet spots on your sweater because your mother's milk is leaking? Sucking compresses then offer the solution. You can put them in your bra. The compresses suck the milk. You can opt for disposable or washable compresses.

  • Breast pump:

    Of course you can not be with your baby all day. A breast pump is then ideal to 'collect' your mother's milk so that it can be given later. There are different variants available, but if you want to get rid of them quickly, an electric flask is the most suitable (costs a lot).

  • Vials:

    If you are going to pump, you need bottles for the expressed milk.
    Not essential but useful:

  • Nutrition pillow:

    A feeding cushion resembles a thick hose and provides support during feeding.

For the mother who is bottle-feeding

  • Nutrition for infants: If you do not want to or can not breastfeed, you can give your baby infant formula. This food is available as powder milk and contains the right nutrients for your newborn baby. Make sure in advance that you already have one suit.
  • Bottles and teats: Feed the food with the bottle. If you make sure that you have 4 bottles in your home, that is usually enough. For the first weeks, bottles with a capacity of 125 milliliters are excellent. Make sure the teat is suitable for newborn babies. Buy at least 2 teats at the bottles.
  • Bottle brush: With a bottle brush you can clean the bottles and teats well. Do this consistently because your baby is still very susceptible to diseases! Not essential but useful:
  • Bottle warmer: This allows you to have a bottle ready faster than when you heat the water in the microwave or in a pan.
  • Microwave steriliser: 1 bottle and teat should be sterilized once a week. You can do this by cooking them, or you use the microwave steriliser.
  • Milk powder tower: This tower is especially useful and practical. Here you can, for example, in the morning all food for the day in measured portions in separate containers do. Handy for the road or if you have a babysitter.

Care products

  • 2 digital thermometers:

    The temperature must be measured regularly at the mother and her baby. Therefore, make sure you have 2 thermometers: one for the baby and one for the mother. Do not use the same thermometer. The most accurate are the digital versions that measure the temperature anally. Also buy some Vaseline!

  • Cardboard nail file:

    Your baby already has nails at birth and they grow very quickly. Since the nails are still too soft for scissors you can keep them short with a cardboard nail file. After 3 months you can use a nail scissors with rounded corners.

  • Sunburn for babies:

    Always buy sunscreen 50+ that is especially for babies and apply them as soon as you go outside. Even if your baby is not in the sun, sunburn is still necessary. The skin of your baby is extremely vulnerable.
    Not essential but nice:

    • baby oil;
    • baby brush.


  • 16 hydrophilic diapers: They are officially called diapers, but actually they are more cloths. These cloths are ideal because they can be used for everything such as a towel, sunscreen, spit cloth or protector for the mattress. What is also nice about these fabrics is that they are made of thin and soft material and dry very quickly. Maybe they do not seem so essential now, but you too probably talk about these cloths over a week with a lot of praise!
  • Mouth wipes: These handkerchiefs are very handy to take along and use to wipe your baby's mouth or as a kind of towels during feeding. You will notice that you quickly need at least 6 of them!
    Not essential but useful:
    • burp cloths;
    • bibs.


Very important furniture to have at home:

  • Wardrobe: Do you already have a nice wardrobe for your child? A wardrobe ensures that the room remains tidy.
  • Chest of drawers: A chest of drawers is a cupboard that has a tabletop that reaches your waist or slightly higher. This way you can properly dress or change your baby.

Other products

Although they are not very necessary, these products are also very nice to have:

  • Changing mat: A changing mat is very handy to take with you so that you can change your baby everywhere. These mats can easily be folded and put in the bag.
  • Baby Carrier: Do you want to carry your baby a lot with you while you can still be busy? A baby carrier then offers the solution. Here your baby can sleep well while you roll up your sleeves.

No time or desire to complete the baby removal list?

Order everything at once! As you can see, the baby stakeout list is pretty long. Some moms like to go out for these things. But if you do not feel like it or just do not have time, you can also order the baby promotion list on the website of or another online store.

Easily save costs on the baby stakeout list

A baby release list can quickly amount to 500 euros. This amount does not include the box, baby seats, baby bath, changing table and bedstead. Do you want to save costs? Read these tips: - look at market place, flea markets or thrift stores; - ask in your area if people still have items and clothes; - are you still getting a maternity visit? Ask for some items from the baby uitlijst as a gift;
Do you still get a baby shower? You guessed it: ask stuff from the baby uitlijst!

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