41 Weeks pregnant

Still no baby? Do not worry. Approximately 50% of women like after the due date. Your baby is now growing you 41 weeks pregnant are hardly any, but it may be that he or she has become 100 grams heavier again. The length of your baby is now about 51 centimeters!

Do not keep staring at the clock at 41 weeks pregnant

Waiting all day until you finally give birth will not ensure that it actually happens. In fact, the days only last longer. Just keep doing something. Since you are far from mobile, you can also have fun with friends or family at home. Do not shy away from this because you are afraid that you will have a baby on the spot.

Your baby has decided to stay longer. Well longer? It is also possible that the due date is not correct and that an error has been made. It is more common than you think babies are born 'too late' and at 41 weeks pregnant that is no exception.

41 Weeks pregnant: induce labor and start childbirth

Sometimes it is possible that the midwife decides to raise the contractions. Depending on your situation, this can happen in a number of ways.

  • Smudges break

    The uterine bag is carefully punctured. As a result, you lose amniotic fluid and this leads in most cases to contractions.

  • Hormones

    Another way to induce contractions is to administer hormones. This happens through the vagina. The hormones end up in the uterus in this way and ensure that the delivery starts.

  • Administering oxytocin

    Oxytocin is also a hormone that can induce contractions. This hormone is absorbed in your blood.

Did you know that if your contractions are raised, chances are that your contractions are more intense than when they come naturally.

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