Baby toys for on the road in the car

Going on holiday by car is sometimes a lot better than by plane. You can go wherever you want and you can organize your time yourself. In addition, you do not have to take anybody into account and it is also less of a hassle. So it is a matter of loading and unloading the car. Are you going on holiday with your baby for the first time this year and do you want to avoid having to listen to whining all the way? Then take good care baby toys on the go in the car. Below are some tips for the little ones, but also for toddlers.

Baby toys for on the road in the car

A small baby that is younger than 1 year does not need much in the car yet. Maybe the car is exactly the place where your baby is very calm. But if your baby needs some more entertainment then you can purchase the following toys on the go:

  • Window stickers.
  • Spanners that you can attach to the car seat. You have these in many colors and shapes. Take a look at Prenatal, for example.
  • A 'to go' hug that rattles or vibrates. You can hang these cuddly toys on the car seat.
  • The Benbat Multi Skils - Travel toy. A nice toy that also stimulates the motor skills and visual skills of your baby. The toy has different shapes and makes sounds. As a result, your baby is permanently distracted for a while.
  • DVD player: Some babies can watch moving images for hours at a time. Because a baby is still too young to hold a tablet, you can also purchase a portable DVD player. You can attach the screen to the back of the car seat.
  • Teether (with or without rattle).
  • Colorful and colorful awnings (for example from Benbat).
  • Activity cube for example from Little Dutch.
  • Playgro loopy links. These are colored rings that you can hang on which you can attach toys.
  • The brand 'Taf Toys' has several fun toys for the car, for example the Infant car toy or the Musical car toy. You hang this on the seat for your baby.

Toys for toddlers and toddlers

When your children are older, there is a lot of other toys that you can take with you in the car. For example:

  • Travel activity tray:
    A kind of tray especially for in the car on which your child can make beautiful drawings or on which you can put toys without them lying on the floor at every bend.
  • Autostuurje so that your child can ride.
  • Aqua Doodle or magnetic drawing board:
    On this board your child can make the most beautiful artwork without using colored pencils or markers. Saves you a lot of fun. When the artwork is ready, you can erase it so that your child can make a new one again.
  • Tablet with fun games and movies:
    If you have children, a tablet is almost indispensable. Before you go on vacation, put some fun games and movies on it and your child will probably be able to advance a few hours. Do not forget to bring a pair of headphones.
  • DVD player:
    Yes, even for older children, a DVD player in the car is always handy in case you do not have a tablet.
  • Nice CDs with music especially for children.
  • Reading books with sound or stories after which your child can listen.

A few more tips for traveling

With good baby toys on the go, the journey will be much quieter. Nevertheless, we have a few small tips:

  • If you have a long drive ahead, make sure you make longer stops. Let your children or child play as extensively during this stop so that they can lose their energy. In France, for example, you have lots of parking spaces with playgrounds.
  • Put on your baby or child a nice pajamas or easy and soft clothes so they are comfortable.
  • Make sure you have enough drinks and (healthy) snacks with you.
  • Also nice: Take small presents. If your child behaves well, he or she will receive a gift every couple of hours. The presents can consist of sweets (such as box with currants), small dolls (look at the action) or coloring pages.

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