Keep your baby at temperature in heat and hot weather

Especially for new parents, a heat wave can bring some stress. Because how can you do your keep baby at temperature during heat or hot weather? What do you attract your baby in warm weather, what is the ideal temperature of the baby room and how do you prevent heat build-up or overheating in your baby? You read it all in this blog so you do not have to worry about the coming heat wave. After all, it is far too hot for that.

Your baby and heat

The body temperature of your baby is controlled via the head. The head covers about 20% of the whole body, in adults this is 9%. Because the head is almost a quarter of the body, your baby cools down faster. To keep your baby at temperature during heat, you better not put his or her hair on the head.

Dress the baby in warm weather

What do you attract your baby? Well that is very simple: the same as what you have on! With a newborn baby or when you go outside, you put on your child 1 coat of clothing more than you have on. But is it not possible to keep it outside or inside and does your baby turn red? Then keep it on a sleeveless romper.

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When does your baby get too hot?

The only clear means of communication that your baby can use to indicate that he is suffering from the high temperatures is crying. But yes, does your baby have it hot, is the diaper full or is your baby hungry?

Fortunately, there is a simple way to check if your baby is too hot.

You can do this by feeling the back of the neck with the back of your hand. If your baby is perspiring, your baby is too hot.

Keep the baby at temperature during heat in the baby room

The ideal temperature of the baby room is 18 degrees Celsius. To give you some more play it is good if the temperature is in any case between 16-20 degrees Celsius. You can better keep the temperature in the baby room at the low end than too high. You can always attract your child something extra. Is it too hot in the baby room? Then let your baby sleep elsewhere in the house.

Too hot in the baby room? Beware of cot death?

The biggest fear of parents is cot death. Cot death means that your baby will suddenly die without a clear explanation for this. Yet it can happen that heat build-up (overheating), rebreathing or breathing inhibition can play a role here.

Warmth control means overheating your baby. The body temperature rises and your baby can not lose the heat. To prevent this, it is important that your baby does not come with the head under the covers. Always keep your baby firmly in place so that he can not roll on the stomach and keep the sheets in place.

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How warm your baby is getting in bed?

Choose more layers of clothing and sheets of a thin fabric than for 1 thicker blanket. Also take a look at yourself. Where do you go to sleep to have a good time? You can do this for your baby. If your baby feels cold, take another sheet. If your baby is warm, remove a sheet. So it is a matter of regularly checking your baby's temperature and dressing your baby at this temperature.

Dehydration symptoms in your baby

If your baby is too hot, this can have consequences such as dehydration. Do you breastfeed? Then put your baby more (extra water is not necessary) and drink 700 to 1000 milliliters of water extra. If you bottle-feed, you can give some extra water.
Be also vigilant on dehydration symptoms in your baby:

  • Restlessness and faster breathing.
  • Irregular and less urination.
  • Dry mouth and lips.
  • Too warm skin and red face.
  • Stiff skin that does not immediately spring back when you pick it up with two fingers.

With your baby on the road in warm weather

Keeping your baby warm during hot and hot weather does not only apply indoors, but also outdoors. Below some practical tips:

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