Tips for tire pain

Tire pain is a very annoying pregnancy disorder that you are totally uninvited for. As if the nausea, dizziness, heartburn or bladder inflammation are not enough, you also get bothered by your tires during standing up, standing or when you make sudden movements. Although tire pain can not be prevented, you can do something against the pain. Read our here tips for tire pain.

Tire pain how does that feel?

Tire pain feels like stitches or a nagging pain in your lower abdomen or on the sides of your stomach or uterus. This pain can extend to the pubic bone and your back. Usually you feel this pain when you change your posture or make unexpected movements. Tire pain can also worsen during intensive exercise during pregnancy.

Why do you suffer from tire pain?

Your uterus is held in place by straps. If you are pregnant, your uterus grows from pear to pumpkin size. Because of this growth and the weight of your dear baby, there is increasing pressure on the tires. This stretches the tires and you can feel them in the form of stitches. In another blog you can read more about how to prevent tire pain.

How long does tire pain last?

It can happen that you suffer from tire pain at the beginning of the pregnancy. But usually the pain only occurs later. If you are pregnant for the first time, you will suffer from tire pain around the 20th week of your pregnancy. Starting this week, your uterus will grow considerably, as a result of which the pressure will increase.
Is this your second or third pregnancy then you can suffer from it before. This is because your tires have already been stretched through a previous pregnancy and you also have less stomach muscles to support the uterus.

If you are bothered by it, it will continue throughout your pregnancy. But even after the birth it is not done with the 'fun'. Your tires are still stretched due to pregnancy. As a result, the uterus is somewhat looser in the abdomen and can start wobbling. This also causes a pressure on your tires. So it will take some time before you have fully recovered.

Tips for tire pain

And here are the tips on tire pain, how you can reduce the pain as much as possible:

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