8 Things you cry for during pregnancy

Do you ever have that, sit watching your TV and suddenly feel the tears in your eyes. Before you know it you are whining a jar while your partner looks at you questioningly. "Are you crying for this advertising?" The only thing I say is: "I can not help it! It's the pregnancy hormones! " I've often had to let go of a tear in recent weeks. Sometimes the reasons were reasonably well-founded. But sometimes it really did not make any sense at all.
What were the things you cry about during pregnancy?

  1. Complaints and series

    Do you still know the brand advertising of the Albert Heijn? In the advertising, a small companion prepares to go to a grandmother to celebrate Christmas. Every time I saw that advertisement, the tears ran down my cheeks again. I do not keep it dry when it comes to complaints about animal suffering or poor children in Africa. So sad!

    It is not a good idea to watch a dramatic film or series during your pregnancy. Then you can go to bed that night with big and red eyes.

  2. Packaging that does not open

    Sometimes I cry out of frustration. Such as a package that does not open, while you are so incredibly excited about the nice stuff that is in it! So frustrating that a few tears flow.

  3. The umpteenth item of clothing that you no longer fit

    If you slowly become more rounder, you have to eliminate certain pieces of clothing. When you have arrived at the 5th garment of that week of which your husband says: 'Honey, that really can not happen anymore'. Then you should let a tear go.

  4. Something does not work at work

    To cry something that is work related, happens to me almost daily. Or I can not find something, or something does not work on the computer or an assignment is not well marked so I do not understand. Then I can do nothing but just like a small toddler pulling an acid face and screaming while the tears are shattering over my cheeks. Very pathetic.

  5. Decorating the baby room

    Currently my husband and I are busy with the baby room and I have to say that I do not keep it dry. Then I look at the furniture that we have bought or to my Pinterest board and I am filled with love, desire and yes ... tears.

  6. When something is up in the supermarket

    I find it very annoying when I need something from the supermarket and it is not there anymore. But now that I am pregnant, that annoying feeling has risen to a higher level. Gently, some cursing comes out of my mouth, while I try not to burst into tears.

  7. New baby clothes

    A few weeks ago I bought some baby clothes for my little girl and even then I did not keep it dry. I saw her in her new clothes in the maxi cosi and look at me lovingly. Yes, then you can not help but leave a little tearful ?!

  8. The realization of how much you care about your partner, parents and family

    Besides a lot of extra frustration, irritation and sadness, I also have a lot of love in me. This way I can sometimes be overwhelmed by an extreme feeling of love for my husband, parents, sisters and girlfriends. For example, if I've just seen them, see a nice picture or just because I think of them. Then I feel myself becoming warm and love the tears in my eyes of gratitude and joy. And that's a wonderful feeling.

    My husband sometimes suffers a lot in that respect. Because if I have that intense feeling of love, then I will fly at him and kiss and hug him passionately. And that is not always in a subtle way. Oh well, it's a good fortune for the other times that I was annoyed or frustrated and my poor man was the only one I could give birth to.

8 things you cry for during pregnancy, do you recognize them or do you have other things ?!

Other things that pregnant women cry

Other well-known tear tractors of pregnant women:

  1. If you feel too fat and rude in all your clothes.
  2. If you do not want to load Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  3. When no one is so nice to stand up for you in the bus or tram. So antisocial!
  4. If you can not get to your shoelaces anymore.
  5. When someone else is crying.
  6. When you discover that there is a marathon on TV of your favorite series.
  7. If your partner does not bring the right cookies.
  8. If you find yourself getting stretch marks.
  9. When you can not sleep well again.

What crying moments did you have during pregnancy?

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