This way you create more time for yourself as a mother!

Time for yourself is very important. It is a moment to relax and do something that you need. If you never take time for yourself and keep on going and continue working, housekeeping, taking care of the children, being a woman for your husband and keeping up with social contacts without having to rest, you will be bothered by this.
You walk, as it were, and you are less and less able to cope with the daily hectic. Give yourself a boost from time to time! Read here how you create time for yourself and why it is so important!

Why time is important to yourself

Time for yourself. Is it nonsense or do you really need it? Many psychologists and health scientists indicate that it is important to take some time for yourself. And we do not mean that you should spend a weekend alone in a cabin on the heath. That moment for yourself is a moment in which you do something that you enjoy. Where you do not have to do anything and can relax. That can be a visit to the sauna, reading a book, watching your favorite series, eating out or exercising. Just let off steam, relax, be real 'you' and not a mother, partner or employee.

If you keep running and racing and doing everything for others, you will lose your peace. Then you will be lived. Taking time for yourself belongs to taking good care of yourself. It is a small break, a mini holiday so that you can recharge again.
You do not always have to be busy with your children. Just reading a book makes you absolutely not a bad mother. In fact, if you now take a moment for yourself, you avoid getting grumpy, stressed or emotional. And a stressed and emotional mother is not everything.

Time for myself!

There are a number of signals that indicate your body and mind to which you can recognize that you are going to be too much. If you notice these signals, it is wise to take your foot off the accelerator. Take a deep breath and think about how you can spend time on yourself that day. Those signals are:

  1. You feel that your time is short

    You constantly feel that you are nowhere to be. Sometimes it happens that you 'lose' time. You have lost half an hour or an hour and do not know what you have done. This often occurs in times of great stress and anxiety. If you experience this, it is very important that you take things even calmer. Do not take new assignments or other chores, but bring order to your life.

  2. You constantly feel that you are failing

    In everything you undertake, you feel that you are going to do badly. Your confidence is weak and you feel that you have nothing more under control. Not at home and not at work. If you notice this, then set priorities. What is important and do you want to accomplish well? Focus first on one task and then move on to another.

  3. Bad mood and short fuse

    Everyone has a bad mood sometimes, but if you have this for a day in a row then it's time to take some gas back.

  4. You do not feel appreciated enough

    No matter how much you walk away from your body, you feel that no one sees or understands it. Or you think people use you to get better themselves. Always try to set limits and do not run harder for someone other than you do for yourself.

  5. You get physical complaints

    Sometimes it can even happen that you develop psychosomatic complaints. These are complaints that you get because you are too stressed and take too little time for yourself. These complaints can include headaches, palpitations, heavy fatigue, stomach problems or poor bowel movements and insomnia.

Time for yourself as a mother

Many women realize that they have far too little time for themselves from the moment they become mothers. The children are in the first place, than your partner, the household and work. Somewhere at the bottom of the list you are still somewhere.
In the first instance you might think: time for yourself, I do not need that, but here you come back irrevocably. Especially when you notice the symptoms mentioned. Yet as a mother it is not always easy to make time for yourself. Below some tips:

  1. Plan your 'me-time'

    Let things get more loose and make room in your agenda. You can do this by delegating tasks. Maybe your partner or your children can do something. Also check whether your tasks can not change anything. For example, vacuuming the day instead of every day. Or order your groceries online, that also saves time.

  2. Enable help

    A babysitter does not exist for nothing or what do you think about grandfathers and grandmothers? They do not mind to keep an eye on things once a week. What you can do, together with other mothers, agree that you fit the children around the neighborhood. That way you can help each other.

  3. Learn to say 'no'

    You do not have to be a cuddling mother, a surrogate mother and a carpool mother. Also say 'no'! If you do not say 'no' now, you will only get more into the 'problems'.

  4. Do not hesitate to say that you can not

    Just because you need time for yourself. Nothing to be ashamed of, in fact: let other mothers see you as an example!

  5. Just think what you want

    Take a moment to think of what you want. What makes you happy? What do you get energy from? What did you enjoy doing before you had children? Then plan some time and do these things!

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