Healthy bread spread for pregnant women

If you are pregnant, a lot of sandwiches will disappear. Like a large part of the meats (about everything that 'ham' stands for), filet americain (such a shame), soft-boiled egg, liver sausage (in moderation), pâté or beef sausage. It then seems that cheese, chicken fillet and jam are only the only options. But that is not true! There is still enough super healthy bread for pregnant women and actually for women who are not pregnant. Because the sandwich spread that I describe in this blog is the healthiest sandwich of all 'sandwiches'.

Processed meat (meat products) not so very healthy

Did you know that eating a lot of meat products on bread is not very healthy? Meat products fall under the category 'processed meat' and according to the Health Council there is a link between eating red meat and processed meat and an increased risk of diabetes, stroke, colorectal cancer and lung cancer. This link is stronger with processed meat (such as meat products, sausage and bacon). The advice is therefore not to eat too much red meat or processed meat (see 'Guidelines for good nutrition 2015', pages 29-31). But what can you eat?

Good and slim fillings

During the time I worked as a weight consultant, I gave my clients the following list of products that they could put on their wholemeal sandwich:

  • low-fat meats such as chicken breast, fricandeau, roast beef (roast beef is not allowed if you are pregnant)
  • light jam
  • dairy spread light
  • 20+ or ​​30+ cheese spread
  • slimie cheese spread

This was properly followed up and often helped with weight loss. That is not surprising either, because compared to chocolate spread, chocolate sprinkles, sandwich sausage or full-fat cheese, it saves a few kcal. If you want to pay attention to your weight without too much hassle, this is a good start.

And in addition: In principle, this investment is reasonably healthy. As in: it is not unhealthy, but if you look purely at the nutritional value, then there is not that much involved. In jam is mainly sugar, even if you choose the 'natural' light jam. And then the cheese ... For extra calcium we do not have to eat cheese in my eyes. Calcium can be better obtained from other products. For the rest, cheese actually contains only a few nutrients. I also do not understand why cheese stays stiff in the five-disk. So cheese is not necessarily healthy in my opinion. But what is super healthy for the pregnant ladies?

Terrible healthy sandwich spread

Below you can find which sandwich spreads are really healthy. And I do not mean just healthy, but terribly healthy. I have been investing my bread for some time with these products and I must say I feel very healthy with them. And sometimes only that feeling is already a very good start.

1. Vegetables on bread

You can never eat too much of vegetables. They contain many vitamins and minerals, fiber and few calories. Healthier is almost impossible. A good reason to eat vegetables on bread. Think of:

  • Vegetable spread: such as tomato, eggplant or pea spread. Puree the vegetables and add some oil and spices to taste. Many recipes can be found on the internet, such as on the site of the nutrition center. I myself do not always have time and desire to make everything, so buy in my vegetable spreads. At the AH they have good vegetable spreads in the cooling (with the vegetables). These spreads contain little salt and other additives. So if you are too lazy, just like me, then you can best buy it.
  • Grilled vegetables: zucchini, peppers or aubergines taste great after they have been on the grill. Cut them into thin slices, just on the grill and season with herbs. Here you will find a recipe for aubergine tapenade.
  • Raw vegetables: you do not have to do a lot of work to eat vegetables on bread. Of course you can also use raw. Cut a tomato or cucumber into thin slices and place them on a thin layer of dairy spread. Fine siege! You can also try grated carrots with raisins on bread once. Also seems to be nice.

2. Fruit on bread

Of course, fruit on bread can also. It is a good option for when you want some bread. Jam can not be called healthy, so if you want to get something from nutrients, fresh fruit is better. Delicious fruit for bread: slices of strawberry, banana, fig or mango. Extra tasty with a thin layer of ricotta or dairy spread underneath. Are you lazy or do you want something else? Here too, the AH can help you because they also have fruit spreads that, like the vegetable spreads, are great to eat!

3. Egg or fish

A boiled egg (hard-boiled) or some fish on bread certainly belongs to the healthier options and is a good alternative to meat products. Think for example of tuna or canned salmon. Do not go for the smoked salmon, mackerel or raw herring because it is not recommended during pregnancy. You can further garnish your fish-based sandwich with slices of tomato, cucumber, gherkin or a piece of rocket.
You can also easily and quickly make a tuna or egg salad. That is seriously not much work. Unfortunately, in the case of salads, you can not buy one that is healthy. For this you really have to get started yourself. Mix the egg or fish with French fries and low-fat cottage cheese and season with herbs. Make sure you do not use the bottle of French fries sauce just enough to get a little flavor.

4. Nut paste

Nuts have a beneficial effect on your health. The advice of the food center is to eat 25 grams of nuts per day. To get to this, you can already start with nuts on bread. Choose natural nut pastes and no Calvé peanut butter. Nowadays you can buy nut pastes in every supermarket that contain no additives such as salt or sugar.They come in many shapes and sizes, such as almond paste, hazelnut paste or the 'peanut butter' version of the Albert Heijn.

5. Hummus, hüttenkäse, ricotta, dairy spread

Finally, a few healthy options that you can enjoy: hüttenkäse, ricotta, dairy spread or hummus. Delicious with some avocado. It is best to make hummus yourself, but if you have little time you can also buy it. Make sure you choose a variant with as little added salt as possible. Until now, the 'Huemoes' of the 'Maza' brand is the best choice. This is available in every supermarket.

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