Dreams during pregnancy

Have you suddenly forgotten your baby? Do you always experience exciting adventures with your ex? Did you deliver an adult child in one go? These events are of course not real, but can occur quite vividly in you dreaming during pregnancy. In this blog you can read which dreams pregnant women have during pregnancy and how it is that they are so lively.

Types of dreams during pregnancy

The dreams during pregnancy are often pretty intense and sometimes also quite intense. The subject of your dreams can be very different. Some ladies have erotic dreams, others have a lot of nightmares and others have wonderful dreams about their future child. The most common subjects in dreams during pregnancy are:

  1. Dream about the delivery
  2. Dream about animals

    Like young animals (chicks, kittens). But sometimes the animals in your dream are less sweet. These dreams indicate that a new creature comes into your life and you have to get used to it

  3. Sex dreams

    Whether it is with an ex, a famous movie star or maybe your own partner has a star role in your dream! Sex dreams are very common during your pregnancy. Nothing to be ashamed of!

  4. Dreams in which you lose your partner

    During pregnancy you feel yourself very vulnerable. Many women feel a small fear that their partner is going to leave them because, for example, they do not want to stand alone. In addition, you may not feel yourself very attractive and that can only reinforce the fear of abandonment. Talk about this with your partner so that he can reassure you.

  5. Dream about your baby

    These dreams can be super fun. You dream about your baby you have never seen before and you can cuddle your baby. Do you dream that something unpleasant is happening to your child? Then that is a reflection of your fears.

  6. Dreams in which you lose your baby or do something wrong

    These dreams are very common during pregnancy. Dreams in which you forget to feed or change your baby also occur regularly. These dreams indicate that you are still a little afraid of the unknown and you feel insecure about motherhood.

Why do you have lifelike dreams during pregnancy

We dream every night, but we can not always remember them. Why is that different during your pregnancy? Because now you often remember your dreams and they are often so lively that you sometimes get hurt. Why is it that pregnant women dream so intensely and also remember the dreams? The exact causes of these violent dreams during pregnancy are not exactly known, but there are various suspicions.

  • Pregnancy hormones and violent emotions

    Because of your pregnancy hormones you can suffer from mood swings and strong emotions. For example, you can already cry during an advertisement. Because your emotions are strengthened, your dreams can feel even more intense.

  • Process emotions through dreams

    Another theory is that scientists think that we process our emotions through our dreams. During your pregnancy you have a lot of emotions to deal with. Such as fears of miscarriage or that something will happen to your child later on. Or how about uncertainty about your motherhood or your changed body?

  • Events of the day

    Some scientists think that dreams can help to list the events of the day. It often happens that people who have a lot on their minds get intense dreams in which strange things happen. These sometimes bizarre events in your dream help to give the daily things in your life a place so you can create more order in your head.

  • Remember dreams

    During your pregnancy you will probably wake up more often at night because you have to go to the toilet again, you are not comfortable or have other sleeping problems. Because you wake up more often and perhaps usually in the middle of a dream, you can remember the dream better.

Nightmares early pregnancy

It is very normal to have bad dreams during pregnancy. But of course that does not mean that it is fun. Often the nightmares become more intense as your pregnancy progresses. Researchers think your nightmares are a way to express your fears and tensions. Do not take too much of the nightmares and talk about it with your partner and other mothers in your area. Probably many mothers will have experienced the same thing.

In the first trimester it often happens that women have unpleasant or very weird dreams about the delivery. This can be explained by the fact that you look up to the birth and are afraid of what is coming.
Another common topic in dreams in the first quarter is dreaming about water. You drown in water or swim in the sea, a fish bowl or something else. Some people think that the water represents the amniotic fluid that you are going to develop more and more in your womb. It can also stand for breaking your membranes.

Dream about miscarriage during pregnancy

Dreams during pregnancy that are about a miscarriage are also very common. Every mother absolutely does not want to miscarry. A miscarriage is one of the first and biggest fears you have to deal with during pregnancy. Dreaming about a miscarriage reflects your fear. If you dream about this a lot, it's good to talk about this fear so that you can hopefully give it a place.

Did you have a miscarriage? Then dreaming about a miscarriage can be a way to handle the loss. In that case it is part of the grieving process.

Pregnant dreams about sex

Do you have many erotic dreams? Are you perhaps also strangely surprised in your dream? Do not feel guilty.There are many pregnant women who often dream about sex (sometimes with an ex) during pregnancy. It is actually almost completely normal.

Sex with your ex in your dreams

Do you often dream about an ex, or appear at once your childhood friend who you have not seen in your dream for a long time? This can sometimes be very strange, but that too often occurs. It seems that these dreams about your ex do not mean that you are bored with your current partner, but that you become somewhat insecure about your changing body. You may wonder if your current partner still finds you attractive.

Why do you dream more about sex?

Your sex dreams during pregnancy can be pretty intense and even provide an orgasm! There are a number of factors that play a role in the fact that you experience more exciting adventures during the night in your sleep. According to certain researchers, these factors are:

  • You have an extra influx of blood to your erogenous zones such as your nipples and pubic area. This makes these zones more sensitive.
  • During your pregnancy you have an increased estrogen content
  • Your vagina is more humid because you have more discharge than usual during your pregnancy

Your erotic dreams can also be caused by your current sex life is not very active. Maybe you are already far in your pregnancy and it is pretty uncomfortable or you just do not feel like it. But we remain people with needs and desires and maybe dreams about sex will make you feel a little bit better.

If your dreams continue to haunt you, please talk to someone about it. As you have read in this blog, you do not have to be ashamed of anything. Talking about it with people may help you to process your feelings better so that the nightmares stay away.

What have you often dreamed about during pregnancy?

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