Fertility of the man

From what age is a man fertile?

From the moment a boy reaches puberty, his body continually makes sperm cells. Unlike women, the fertility of the man not depending on the time of the month. Every day many millions of sperm cells are produced by the man's body. Yet this is no guarantee that you can easily become pregnant, because there are many factors that influence the fertility of the man.

Fertility man testing

If it is not possible to get pregnant within a year then it is advised to visit a doctor. Research has shown that in one out of three cases it is the fertility of the man. Via the GP you can have the sperm examined and by means of a questionnaire you can see what the cause of the infertility could be. The GP can then determine the next steps whether further research is necessary.
In this way it is checked whether there is infertility or reduced fertility of the man.

The sperm of the man

The sperm cells that are produced are stored in the bumblebee where they have to cover a distance of six meters to the vas deferens. Bridging this distance takes a few days and is necessary to make the sperm cells sufficiently mobile. Their tail must be able to swing well, otherwise they will only swim in circles and never end up in the fallopian tubes of the woman.

Once the seed leader has arrived, the mature sperm cells calmly wait until they get to work. A large amount of sperm cells await ejaculation in the vas deferens.

Only after about 30 (!) Ejaculations the entire vas deferens is empty.

So you do not have to worry that you are having too much sex and then there are no more sperm cells available for fertilization.

In the ejaculation, the sperm cells are mixed with fluid that is the sperm. This sperm contains more than 22 different substances including fructose, different vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. Sperm is ejected as a sticky, solidified mass that becomes liquid after about 10 minutes. This is a protection against the free acid environment in the woman's vagina.

After the ejaculation the man's semen has to cover about 10 to 12 cm to reach the egg cell, provided there is an egg cell of course it depends on how long a sperm cell survives in the woman's body. The chance of successful fertilization is determined by, among other things, the acidity of the sperm, the amount of sperm and the quality of the sperm cells.

Increase fertility of the male

Your lifestyle or medical history affects the quality of your seed and thus your fertility. The factors below have a negative influence on the fertility of the man. If one or more apply to you, tell your doctor. Then you can make a plan together to increase the chance of a pregnancy.

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