After 23 weeks of pregnancy, my daughter was born!

You can do it just like that! You want children very much and then you discover that getting pregnant is not self-evident and that you have PCOS syndrome. If you manage to become pregnant, your pregnancy does not go as you had thought. Read the emotional story of Simone about her daughter Lotte: After 23 weeks of pregnancy, my daughter was born!

My husband and I had a big desire for children and so I stopped taking the pill. The 'unpacking' had begun. Bah, how miserable I felt. Often you read that all those hormones do nothing good in your body and many women just suffer from it. Well, give me that pill back but I always thought. I could not place my own emotions, became restless and often had a headache. And why did it take so long before I got a period?

After about three months, just visit the doctor. There I was told that the pooping could take a long time and with a standard 'let it go' chat I was sent home again. Okay, give it time and try to relax, I introduced myself.
Two months later I still had no menstruation and I got more and more annoying aches in my stomach. That pain became a kind of stitching on the sides. With some googling I thought that this could well be my ovaries. Yet again a visit to the doctor. This time I was referred to the gynecologist.

Once there, it was clear with an internal ultrasound. I've got it Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS.

There are several fluid vesicles (cysts) in the ovary. As a result, ovulation can not occur for a long period of time and so you do not menstruate. Common symptoms are excessive hair, overweight and / or acne. I do not have these symptoms, but it was clear to the gynecologist that it was PCOS. I was relieved because outside of that, it looked so far, that our desire to have children could come out with some medical help. Of course an exciting time.

That is how I started to take medication to ensure that I got a menstruation. Then medicines that promote the maturation of the egg cell. I was carefully monitored in the hospital how the eggs grew. Furthermore, it was wait and see.

My period went out after two months. Surely a pregnancy test is done. Which seemed to last 2 minutes that hours. Did we see a line there? Yes, a very light dash. But I had read so many times in different stories; a dash is a dash! Wow! We were very happy and thankful that it had gone so fast now. It was almost unbelievable!

The weeks that followed were very exciting, it always remains an uncertain time. Finally that 12 weeks of pregnancy over. If you then think that the worst tension is off, you are again against that 20-week ultrasound. But that was all right too.
What a relief! Now I tried to relax and enjoy myself.

Meanwhile the little girl was feeling good every day and that was so nice!

On a Monday as usual, I had worked again that day. I was 23 weeks and 2 days pregnant. A great day behind us. The little one sometimes made it difficult to push against my ribs, but hey, I was already happy to feel her like that.
When I got home the food was ready so I could immediately sit down.
After eating my belly started to do something weird. The food did not taste good. I went to the toilet a few times but it was not. It was something else that bothered me. What strange, what was this all of a sudden?

Just lay down on the couch. The pain quickly increased and came in fits and starts. My husband asked me if I knew for sure if it was my intestines? I did not know the answer, but what else could it be? We both knew better in our heads.
My husband called the midwife. While she had me on the phone for a while and put that flurry of pain back on, she knew enough.

She immediately arrived! Luckily she was pretty quick, because the pain could not be kept. I was so happy she was there!

The midwife checked me and knew enough. You are giving birth and that is not going to save the little one!

That was the first thing she said. In my own bubble of pain I heard her words all too well. At that moment I only wanted this pain to pass. An ambulance came rushing. Because I could give birth at any moment, the midwife and the ambulance driver agreed to drive in tandem and if I did not like it anymore, they would stop. Of course you do not want that in the middle of the road. I did my best to puff everything away.

Once in the hospital everyone was very relaxed. Where they would normally encourage us to squeeze, we were left alone now until it really did not work anymore. Everyone knew what was going to happen. In the end it took quite some time.

I wanted to squeeze for so long, but that would be the beginning of the end. I did not want it, it was not allowed!

In the end you have to give up. The doctors were called and with two presses our beautiful daughter Lotte was there.
A mini girl, so beautiful, with everything on and on! She was laid down with me and my husband and I got all the time together again, but now to say goodbye to our little girl. Because she is under the limit of 24 weeks, nothing was done.
What anger and grief that gives. What is it all unfair!

Very quietly she died on my chest. We almost did not notice.

It was a rollercoaster where we were in. How could this happen so suddenly? All the studies that were done afterwards looked good.Therefore, it is assumed that I have a weak cervix. That is something they now can not investigate anymore and should be apparent from a possible next pregnancy.

A girl who was so welcome is now in our hearts forever!

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