Killerbody Back in Shape Review

A question that many pregnant women or women giving birth to secretly ask themselves is: how will I get back to my weight before the pregnancy? No stupid question, because I think about that myself. Especially now that I know that I am definitely going to get a few more kilos than the intention is. Fortunately, you are not alone and you can use various tools to get you started. Like the new book by Fajah Lourens. I have read the book and here you read my honest Killerbody Back in Shape review!

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Lose weight after pregnancy

You will arrive during pregnancy, although it is a bit of yourself how much this will be. After the pregnancy, the job is to lose weight again. But how can you best deal with that? Fajah Lourens has written a book about weight loss after pregnancy to help you on your way. Actually, it is more than that. It is also a book about healthy eating during pregnancy and other important information about the pregnancy itself.

Classification of the book Killerbody 3 Back in Shape

What strikes me is that Killerbody 3 Back in Shape is not a book that focuses solely on losing weight after delivery. The book is full of interesting information about pregnancy, breastfeeding, healthy eating and sports. To give you a complete Killerbody Back in Shape review, I will first tell you something about the contents of the book.

  • Part 1: Pregnancy wish

    Your pregnancy naturally begins with the desire to become pregnant. Fajah gives you a short explanation in this section about important nutrients that are good for a healthy body.

  • Part 2: Pregnant

    In this second part it mainly concerns the changes that your body goes through during pregnancy. Attention is paid to the expected weight gain, stretch marks, cellulitis, pregnancy hormones and a number of pregnancy ailments. There is also a weekly menu and nutrition advice for pregnant women.

  • Part 3: Give birth and then

    This third part also starts with some interesting information. For example about the pros and cons of giving birth in the hospital or at home. Below is information about your maternity period and how your body recovers after giving birth. Here you can read how you can train your pelvic floor, which is certainly not superfluous information. There is also a weekly menu for ladies who are breastfeeding.

  • Part 4: Back in Shape plan

    After breastfeeding or for women who do not breastfeed and have recovered sufficiently, there is really 'work to be done'. The last part therefore contains the Back in Shape plan that will help you get back in shape.

    The diet is structured in 3 phases. Each phase lasts 4 weeks. So you have 4 weeks, the same week menu, where you eat something different every day. If I have understood correctly, you follow phase 1 exactly as indicated. At phase 2 and 3 you have to calculate how many carbohydrates you can and take this into account.

  • Last 2 parts

    In part 5 there are numerous training sessions that you can take after your pregnancy. The last part contains a few tips about nutrition and upbringing. The following are all the recipes in the weekly menus.

Knowing more? You can view the book here!

My Killerbody Back in Shape Review

And now my Killerbody Back in Shape review. I think many pregnant women find the information contained in them about pregnancy and how your body changes very valuable. You really learn some basic information that you certainly have something in my eyes. The information is also correct in my opinion and is well built. I only have my doubts about the approach to cellulite. Fajah tackles her cellulite with certain 'cups'. I wonder if this really works and it is not just being appointed as marketing. She actually sells those cups herself.

  • Killerbody Back in Shape review: nutrition

    The weekly menus in Killerbody Back in Shape are very healthy in terms of nutrition and you get a lot of vitamins and minerals in my eyes. It would also certainly contribute to losing weight after your pregnancy. It is also varied so you can vary nicely.

    Having said that, I do add a few comments. For example, I wonder if it is also feasible for many women. If you have a job or you have your baby soon, you really do not have time to prepare a meal in the afternoon and in the evening. I have tried the weekly menu for pregnant women, but I thought it would be a hassle to be in the kitchen twice a day to make a meal.

    Another disadvantage is the amount of ingredients that you have to purchase. The weekly menu is not cheap because you eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruit and proteins. For example, you eat smoked fish in the afternoon and in the evening you eat fish again. That will all be expensive.

    Finally, I do not like a whole bubs ingredients store where you then have little need of. Skinny cottage cheese with 5 raspberries for example. You can not buy 5 raspberries, you buy a whole box. What should you do with the rest of those raspberries? You can of course give that to your husband, but this applies to more ingredients.

  • Killerbody Back in Shape Review: The recipes

    The recipes are super healthy, fairly easy to make and quite good to eat. Although they are easy to make, I do not think it is feasible to stand in the kitchen twice a day to cook a meal. In addition, my remark about the ingredients also applies here. You only need one part, what should you do with the rest?

  • Review Killerbody training

    The training that Fajah Lourens describes in this third part of her Killerbody series is neatly constructed.You do not ask too much of your body just after the birth of your child. The training sessions are a great start to build up some strength and each time focus on other muscle groups. In my eyes they are fine to perform at every level. The training courses are also divided into phases (just like the weekly menus) and I assume that you should do the training for phase 1 during diet phase 1.

    Still, I miss some explanation about the training. They are in the book at once without being discussed elsewhere in the book. What you have to take into account is that you can do the training at home, but you do need supplies. Such as dumbbells, skipping rope, resistance bands and a stability ball.

Tip to start well with Killerbody 3

If you really want to go for it, then the weekly menus to get back in shape will certainly help you lose weight, but keep in mind that it will not be cheap and you will sometimes have ingredients left over.

My tip: Prepare everything very well if you want to start with this. Read the menus carefully and make lists and think about whether you can make certain meals in advance, or for example larger quantities so that you can freeze something.


It is a good informative book with valuable information about nutrition, sports and the extent to which your body changes during and after pregnancy. I think that the weekly menus can certainly contribute to getting back in shape after your birth and to feel fit and healthy again. Eating according to the weekly menus may not be very cheap, but very good for your body!

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