Roos writes: When is the first day of your period ?!

During my attempts to conceive, one question has arisen that always comes to mind. When is the first day of my menstruation? That day is very important to determine when you are ovulating. Sometimes it happens that there is a small amount of blood in the discharge, but nothing else. Is that the first day? Or is the first day of your period, the day that you are really on your period? I went to find out. And what I discovered: many women wonder this! And the answer is not always clear. But hopefully after you have read my blog!

The importance of the first day

Your monthly cycle is incredibly important when you want to become pregnant. If you do not know your cycle, getting pregnant becomes a bit trickier. Or you would just have to go to bed as standard every day, but believe me: you will not always be happier with that.

Your cycle is therefore crucial. Your cycle starts from the first day of your period. Then you count to the next first day of your new menstruation. Usually there are 28 days in between, but it may be that this is more or less with you. With me there are between 24 to 26 days between, which means that my cycle is on average 25 days. You are ovulating fourteen days before your first day of your new menstruation. All mothers (whether or not) know how important ovulation is. And that ovulation therefore coincides with that very super super important first day of your period! So that is why I, and many with myself, want to know for sure that I will keep the good day as the first day.

What is really the first day of your period? Is that the first day that you see blood?

The first day that you see blood?

That first day of my period has become a small frustration point. I have looked it up and I just did not find the information clear. And that frustrates me, especially because so much is at stake. And also because it is not clear to many women. It often says, "The first day of your period is the day you lose bright red blood." Or it says: 'The first day is the day you see red spotting'.

My first question is immediately: what is red spotting then exactly ?! And what exactly do they mean by bright red blood? Because I see that in my separation ... AAAHHHHRRGG !! Very annoying. I just want to know for sure and then really 100% sure that I'm right. So then I want clear information. Preferably with full description, photo and a video so that we can all see what that blood looks like on the first day of your menstruation.

The real first day of your period

Fortunately, I finally know the answer. The first day of your menstruation is the day that you are really going to lose blood (the bleeding continues) and you have to use a sanitary napkin or a tampon. A panty liner is then no longer enough. The days before when you have some blood with your discharge or brown discharge is not, I repeat NOT, the first day.

A small: oh yes moment

Now that I know the redemptive answer, I have a small 'oh yes moment'. Now I understand what they mean by: "The first day of your period is the day you lose bright red blood." Still, I still think that the answer can be confusing. If you want to know something for sure because there is a lot hanging, then you just want a clear answer that makes no doubt possible. Where there is no room for interpretation. That's the way it is and no different.

I hope I have given that answer now. So that all ladies who want to become pregnant now know exactly what their first day is so that we can accurately plan the days on which we 'must' have sex. Very romantic.

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