How fast are you fertile after delivery?

Some women should not think of sex after giving birth, and perhaps not at all to a next child. But at some point you will still want to dive with your partner between the sheets. If you want to postpone your next pregnancy, it is useful to know when you are again fertile after delivery. We will tell you all about this in this blog!

Your body must first recover after delivery

A pregnancy and childbirth is a major attack on your body. It is therefore important that your body first recovers. You probably do not feel like having sex in the first few weeks either because it is 'down-under' which is painful due to the delivery or cut or stitching. Moreover, you have to adapt yourself to the new rhythm. In addition, almost all women suffer from blood loss after delivery. This blood loss lasts for about 6 weeks. After these six weeks your body has recovered a bit.

How long after childbirth are you fertile?

Do you ask yourself when you can have unsafe sex after delivery without being pregnant again right away? This depends on the moment that your menstrual cycle starts again. Women are usually deprived after 6 to 8 weeks. Your ovulation takes place 2 weeks before your period starts. This means that you are fertile again between 4 and 6 weeks after delivery.
Do you breastfeed? Then it can happen that it takes longer.

When fertile after delivery if you are breastfeeding?

Do you breastfeed? Then it differs per woman when she is fertile again after the birth. It is not the case that you are not fertile as long as you are breastfeeding. It does happen that it takes a bit longer before ovulation starts again. This is because breastfeeding women produce the hormone prolactin. This hormone stimulates milk production, but at the same time it suppresses ovulation. And you are not fertile without ovulation. Sometimes it takes months for women to become unwell again or only after they have stopped breastfeeding.

But there are also ladies who after 2 months have to buy tampons and sanitary towels while still breastfeeding. In short: you do not know. In addition, you also have ovulation two weeks before your period and are therefore fertile without you noticing this. Do not want to get pregnant quickly after your birth? Always use a contraceptive such as condoms for safety.

Increased fertility after delivery?

There are many people who claim that women are super fertile after delivery, but for now this is not true. Your body first takes the time to recover. There is a reason why the next ovulation is only after about 4 weeks. It is also better for your body to take a rest before you dive fanatically between the sheets again.

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