The best camping bed for the baby

Do you need a camp bed for holidays, or for example for a stay? Then of course you want it best camping bed for your child and for yourself. There are many types of camp beds available, so before you buy one, it is certainly useful to read our tips. That way you know exactly what to look for in order to buy a safe bed. You will also receive tips to determine which bed best suits your needs. Finally, let me show you what the best camping beds are at the moment.

Buying a camp bed where are you watching?

There are various types of camp beds for sale, these differ in price, weight, size, model, materials, folding mechanism and extras. Since so many types and sizes are available, it is difficult to determine what is the best camping bed for you. That's why I've collected some things for you here that you can look out for when buying a camp bed.

  • With what purpose are you going to use it?

    The size, weight and firmness play a big part in your choice, but then you must first have a clear idea of ​​what you want to use the bed for. For example, if you travel a lot with us, then a lightweight travel cot or compact camp bed is the right choice.

    Do you use the bed for a stay with grandfather and grandmother or for example for vacation, then a cheaper and heavier bed is fine. Also remember how long your child will sleep in the bed in one piece. The longer your child has to sleep in, the better the quality of the bed should be!

  • How long will you use the bed?

    Do you want to use the bed long, choose a good quality (which are often more expensive) and also pay attention to the maximum weight and length that the bed can handle.

  • Price and quality of camp bed

    The prices for camp beds are very different. There are camping beds of € 50, - and there are € 250, - and more. The most expensive camp bed does not always have to be the best camp bed. The beds are often more expensive because, for example, they contain many extra options. These can be useful, but you may not even need them.

    In addition, beds of better quality are often a bit more expensive, the material is stronger and the use of the bed is easier. If this is important to you, because you use the bed often, for example, it is worth an investment. Do you use the camp bed only occasionally, then a cheaper bed is also fine. Always check that the frame is good and the fabric is firm.

  • The folding mechanism

    Each camp bed has a folding mechanism. It is very important that this mechanism works well and that you can handle it. You go to the bed often in and out. If this is a hassle every time, then the bed will really disappoint you. Therefore, practice with the folding and unfolding in the store. Do this a number of times and see if it goes well or not. If things are going to be stiff and you have to put a lot of effort, then it might be better to choose another one.

  • Ease of use

    In addition to a fine folding mechanism, the best camping bed is also user-friendly for you. This is especially important if, for example, you have to take the bed with you on the plane. Are they easy to store in the bag, or do you spend half an hour before you have it? Is the bag easy to carry? Are there handles, for example, or can you put it on your back?

  • Stability

    What is also very important for the best camping bed for your child is the stability. The bed must be stable on the ground, but must also be able to stand if your child leans against the sides. It would be very dangerous if the bed immediately falls over when your child leans against the side. That leaning will certainly happen once!

  • Valuable extras

    Some beds contain many extras. Some extras are unnecessary and others are so useful that you necessarily want them. Useful extras include:

    • Extra mattress:

      Most camp beds have thin mattresses, these are not ideal if your child has to sleep on it for a long time. If your child has to sleep a lot, check whether the mattress is thicker. There are also extra mattresses available, which you can put in. The disadvantage of these mattresses is that they can be too small, creating openings on the side. That is very dangerous for your child. Therefore make sure that the mattress fits exactly and there is no space left.

    • Kruipluik:

      A crawl hatch is very useful if you want your child to be safe from the bed.

    • Soil booster:

      For your little baby, a bottom raiser is handy because you do not have to bend so far to get your child out. Please note that beds with bottom riser are often a bit heavier.

    • Mosquito net:

      Many mosquitoes and vermin present on holiday? A mosquito net is actually indispensable.

Fast safety check for the camp bed

The best camping bed for your child meets all the following safety requirements:

  • The frame can be locked after it has been folded out. It should not be open by itself.
  • The folding mechanism has a child-resistant closure.
  • The bed has air-permeable sides.
  • The frame tubes are on the outside of the upholstery.
  • The bottom is firm and contains auxiliary rods to prevent sagging.
  • If wheels are on, they must be properly blocked.
  • The bed must be high enough (minimum 55 cm.).
  • The cockpit has no openings.

When too big for a camp bed?

When it comes to camp beds, there is no immediate age limit. With the beds the weight of your child is looked at.Each camp bed has a maximum weight that it can handle. Usually the maximum is around 15 to 20 kilograms. Always look at the weight and length that the camp bed can handle. Sometimes manufacturers claim that the bed is suitable for children aged 4 years, but your child of 4 is for example longer or heavier than the maximum weight that the bed can handle.

Best camping bed 2018 consumer union

The consumer association has tested camp beds, which are the outcomes of 2018, I do not know exactly yet. I have looked at several reviews from several tests, the following beds were the best camp beds:

  1. Nuna travel bed Sena

    The camp bed is spacious, comfortable, easy to fold in and out and also use as a box. It also contains an elevated bottom which makes it suitable for babies. The Nuna Sena costs about € 175, - and has no less than 5 stars from 17 user reviews.

  2. Aeromoov travel bed instant travel

    This camp bed can be folded within 2 seconds. It is also thin, flat and light in weight (3.5 kg) making it very easy to carry. Ideal for a holiday where you have to travel a lot. The bottom is adjustable and you can order extras such as a mosquito net and awning. Price: € 149, -

  3. Koelstra travel slat T5

    This Koelstra belongs to one of the best camp beds because it is very sturdy and suitable for toddlers. The bed is heavy (almost 10 kilos) but it can be a weight of 15 kilograms. It has a crawl hatch so that your toddler can crawl in and out of the bed. In addition, the bed also has wheels so you can easily move it. With one hand you can fold the bed in and out. Price: € 89, -

  4. 4moms breeze

    This camp bed is quite pricey, but very good. The bed was set up in no time. The bed is very spacious and therefore suitable for larger children and you can also use it as a box. The bed of 4moms is very strong because of the strong frame, but because of that a lot heavier. Price: more than € 300, -

Camping bed offer

Do not want to pay the full blow for your best camping bed? Very understandable, and actually you should never do that. There are always nice offers on camp beds, so you can get a nice discount. Keep an eye on various websites such as or baby dump and there will automatically be a top offer!

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