Planning pregnancy? What is the best time of the year to become pregnant?

Of course we all have to be happy if we can get pregnant at all, but suppose you have the luxury and you can pregnancy plans. When would you like to be pregnant? Do you want a summer baby or a winter baby? Or do you have moments when you prefer not to be pregnant? And what about the costs? Is there a month that is most beneficial for a pregnant woman? We'd love to hear your opinion and we'll tell you what the most advantageous month is for getting pregnant.

Why plan a pregnancy?

In some couples, getting pregnant is reasonably smooth. They are very lucky that they can plan the pregnancy somewhat. Also those who start children for the first time, often want to take certain events or seasons into account when it comes to pregnancy. There is of course nothing wrong with that.

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Why do these couples plan a pregnancy? Usually purely from social points of view. For example, women who prefer to be slender on the beach instead of constantly collapsing like a washed-up whale. Or you have women who know that they retain a lot of fluid and in the summer become a balloon during pregnancy. After reading this blog there is another reason, namely the costs. More about this later, but we would first like to know what the best period for you is to be pregnant.

Planning a pregnancy? Have sex around Valentine's Day!

If you still want to plan your pregnancy, then especially around Valentine's Day, go well. And that is not because it would be oh so romantic to be able to tell your child later that he or she was conceived on the day of love.

No, the reason for this is purely businesslike. Getting pregnant in February is the most advantageous! Why?
Because your pregnancy then falls into an insurance year. As you probably know, every health insurer changes the policy for health insurance every year. You also have to pay your full own risk each new healthcare year. And then we have not even mentioned that it is often not clear what you will expect the following year. For that reason it is better to sit out your entire pregnancy in a healthcare year.

Being pregnant and having children costs enough

So check out in December which insurer is the most beneficial for pregnant women and save a lot of candles, oysters, chocolate and other aphrodisiac supplements for Valentine's Day!

How long does it take to get pregnant?

Unfortunately, no clear answer can be given here. With some couples it is immediately striking, other couples have to wait a long time. In the worst case they have to go through a whole process if it does not work in a natural way. How long it takes to get pregnant depends on your fertility and that of your partner.

In addition, the moment at which you have an ovulation plays an essential role. After all, you are only fertile on the day of ovulation, a few days before and the day after. Maybe you decide today that you want to become pregnant. If you happen to be ovulating tomorrow and you are very fertile, getting pregnant can be so busy. But it can also take weeks before you have ovulation again. On average, women have an egg ready every 28 days that is ready for fertilization. So you have a new chance every 28 days.

Can you plan a pregnancy?

Considering all complications and problems, women are most fertile a few days before ovulation, the day of ovulation and the day after. Your ovulation takes place 14 days before your next menstrual period. It is therefore important that you map your menstrual cycle well to find out when you are most fertile.

In the most rosy situation you can get pregnant if you have sex at the right time. In a sense, you could plan it as long as you know when you are fertile. But unfortunately it is actually a bit more difficult and it is a true miracle anyway if you are in good expectation.

So your pregnancy plan is often not the case. What do you think?

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