Misunderstandings about smoking during pregnancy

Of course you already know this: smoking is unhealthy for your body. If you have not heard from your doctor yet, then you know it through the very confronting photographs that are present on the packets of cigarettes. Not a pleasant sight and yet many smokers close their eyes. They ignore the warnings about the danger of smoking and also try to talk about smoking well. We know, stopping is not easy and it is not strange that you are disappointed. If you do not manage to stop for yourself, do it for your unborn baby.
Because smoking during pregnancy can have a lot of negative consequences for the health of your baby.

The most heard excuses to smoke during pregnancy

Many smokers try to talk about smoking nicely during pregnancy by giving a number of reasons why 'it is possible'.

Do you ever catch yourself on these excuses? Do not put your head in the sand any longer and dare to face the truth.

Smoking during pregnancy is really not good. Never ever. Just look at this video about if you are pregnant.
In this blog I will mention the most used excuses and excuses for smoking and refute them.

9 excuses for not stopping smoking during pregnancy

  1. I have been pregnant for several months now, it no longer makes sense to stop.

    Stopping always makes sense, even if you have been pregnant for a few months. Even if you are a month away from the day you might like, stopping still makes sense.

  2. My mother smoked two packs a day and I also got healthy in the world.

    That is probably the case, but every pregnancy is different and every baby is different. Maybe your baby has a higher sensitivity to the harmful substances contained in cigarettes. Or maybe your mother has had 'happiness' and you do not have this. Risks of smoking during pregnancy:

    • less good development of your child so your child is weaker and has a worse resistance after birth;
    • you are more likely to miscarry;
    • and more chance of a premature birth of your child;
    • your child is more likely to have congenital abnormalities, asthma, obesity and learning disabilities.
  3. Smoking makes my baby smaller and that is easier during delivery.

    Smoking can indeed ensure that your baby is smaller at birth, but that is absolutely no benefit. That your child is smaller means that your child is less well developed. In addition, smoking ensures that you can deal with more complications during childbirth.

  4. I do not have to stop smoking earlier than from the moment I am pregnant.

    If you decide to become pregnant, it is very wise to stop immediately. Smoking can ensure that you and your partner are less fertile. If you stop, you are more likely to become pregnant. Your body also has more time to get some toxins from your system. This way they can not affect the health of your child during the first weeks of your pregnancy.

  5. Less smoking or light cigarettes are less bad for my baby.

    Smoking is always bad, even if you smoke little. You always get hundreds of hazardous substances that also reach your child. There is no lower limit of the number of cigarettes you can smoke without damaging your child. In addition, light cigarettes are just as bad as 'normal' cigarettes. The best is to stop completely. At the same time, there is always a chance that you will secretly smoke a little more.

  6. I get stress from smoking cessation and that is worse for the baby than smoking.

    Stress is not good for your baby, but not nearly as unhealthy as smoking. This stress will also soon be less if you have stopped a bit longer.

  7. The smoke does not come with my child, so it is not so dangerous.

    If you smoke, you inhale hundreds of harmful substances. These substances end up in your blood and eventually they reach your child through the placenta. Your child will certainly come into contact with these substances.

  8. Smoking improves resistance.

    Smoking has many negative consequences for the health of your child and the resistance deteriorates. Your child is more likely to have problems with the airways, birth defects, asthma and overweight in later life.

  9. I still can not stop smoking.

    To say that you do not succeed does not help. Anyone can also stop smoking. Millions of women have gone before you, from heavy smokers to light smokers. They all stopped successfully because they were just going to do it.

This year the government started a campaign 'Smoking start for all children' This campaign can help you gain more insight into the danger of smoking during pregnancy and after your pregnancy. You can also find many tips here to stop smoking.

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