Maternity visit, 10 tips when you come on maternity visit

Maternity visit, also called maternity visit, is often very pleasant for those who visit. After all, you are very curious about the baby of your sister, girlfriend, daughter or colleague. For the new mother, maternity visit is often a lot less fun, but if you stick to the tips below, everyone has a good time.

10 Tips for a pleasant maternity visit

With this 10 maternity visit tips make sure that the new parents do not have to be annoyed by the many visits they receive. For you it seems but the parents are often days or even weeks after the delivery with maternity visit.

  1. Always announce your visit and never visit without an appointment.

    The brand new parents still have to get used to the arrival of the child and still have to find their new rhythm. So first send a message to ask when you are allowed on maternity visit. The parents can respond at a moment that suits them. If you are a family, you can often visit quite quickly. If you are further away from them, you are usually welcome a few weeks later.

  2. With these maternity visit rules it is fun for everyone!

  3. Be on time.

    If you arrive too early, the family may not be ready for the visit. If you are late, you leave them unnecessarily waiting and you may disturb their rhythm.

  4. Do not make your maternity visit too long

    Going on a maternity visit is fun but do not stay too long and do not stick to it. You come to watch the baby and it is not a social evening. The parents are often tired and get a lot of visitors, so they need their rest. Take the initiative to leave, because it is often difficult to ask people if they want to leave.

  5. Do not give unsolicited advice

    The parents have enough on their heads and you are probably not the only one who still has a handy tip. However well-intentioned, all these advice can become irritating. Criticism is completely out of the question.

  6. Maternity visit baby hold

    Only go on a maternity visit if you are healthy and have nothing among the members. You obviously do not want to light the baby. Also make sure you are clean and do not smell of smoke. Always ask if you can hold the baby and do not just pick up on him or her.

  7. Always say that the baby is beautiful and sweet

    Whatever you think of the baby, always say that he is beautiful and sweet. The proud parents are not waiting for negative comments.

  8. Maternity visit gift

    Take a present with you, but the most desirable thing that the parents would like to have. Maybe they already have too many hugs or bibs. So ask in advance the wishes, so that you make everyone happy with your present. Take a look here if you need inspiration for an original maternity gift?

  9. Offer to help with something

    Maybe you can take some chores out of the household or do a message. The parents are tired and have to get used to their new situation, so they will be happy if something is taken out of their hands.

  10. Bring children on maternity visits

    If you want to bring your own children to the maternity visit, prepare them well. It is very annoying for the new parents when your children start running through the house. If you think they can not stay calm, leave them at home!

  11. Do not put the new mother to work for you.

    Ask if you need to get your drink and biscuit yourself and try to be as inconvenient as possible. Especially when she is home alone and her partner is working.

Do you know more maternity visits tips that fit well here?

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