Feel the position of the cervix

The position of the cervix you can tell a lot about your fertile days, but you need a bit more patience to understand how it works. This often takes longer than one menstrual cycle because you can compare. Your cervix during each cycle changes place and softness. Moreover, he opens and closes.

Feel the position of the cervix

To find out what the position of your uterus is, you will have to go into your vagina with one or two fingers. By feeling that way you can determine the position of the cervix. This is easiest by sitting on your crouch or by lowering your knees and then feeling them. It is important that you do it every day in the same way and around the same time. This is because the stand still wants to change throughout the day.

Position cervix for menstruation

By the end of your period is a good time to start. You will then feel that your cervix is ​​reasonably high and is slightly open. When your menstruation is over you will notice that the cervix is ​​sagging, hard as the tip of your nose and closed. If you have already given birth, your cervix will feel like a slit in it, which is always slightly open. Have you never liked that your cervix is ​​really closed.

Stand uterminerm fertile

If your fertile days come, you will notice that the uterus is getting higher and that it becomes softer and a bit open. Sometimes he gets so high that you can no longer feel it. If that is the case with you, you will have to gamble the most fertile day (s).
If you still feel it, high in your scabbard, you will feel that it is opening up more and more and that there is more and more mucus around it. On the day of your ovulation the cervix will reach the highest point. He now feels as soft as your earlobe and is open. You now have your fertile period.
In addition to this method, there are other ways to determine when you are fertile. We have collected them for you on the page "Your body".

Stand cervix after fertilization?

After your ovulation, the cervix will be low, closed and hard again within a few days. You can then stop feeling until after your next menstruation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to feel whether you are pregnant or not at the position of the cervix.
The best way to determine if you are pregnant is with a pregnancy test. We have developed an online pregnancy test that helps you to determine if you are pregnant.

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