Borrow money for the baby room

As soon as you are pregnant you will soon start to incur extra costs. Think of maternity wear, pregnancy bras and additional health insurance. This is only the start, because the costs of the baby stuff and baby room will be much more. Are you a bit cramped and do you think that you will not be able to pay all the baby stuff for the baby room? Maybe you can borrow money for the baby room. Read here what your options are and why you better take out a loan from the bank than buying baby equipment on credit in the store.

What does a baby cost?

Let's not wrap things around: a baby costs a lot of money. In the first year you can already spend around € 617.90 euros on clothing, care and baby room (source: NIBUD), but in practice this amount quickly increases.

In addition, you have other costs of the baby uitlijst such as pram, car seat, box, bottle heater, bed and so on. In total this can amount to at least € 500, -. This applies especially when it comes to your first child. If it is your second child, you can happily reuse a lot. Check out our blog about what costs a baby if you want more information about the costs.

The costs are high for a baby. It is therefore not surprising if you are considering borrowing money for the baby room to catch all of this. But also realize that you can save a lot by not buying everything new. On marketplace you can buy a lot of second hand baby stuff that is still in good condition. Lick paint over it and you're done.

In addition, you can also ask in your area if people do not have something, believe me: that is very often the case. What also helps to save costs is not to go for the expensive brands, but to settle for a B-brand that is also often fine. Always inform yourself and if necessary ask other parents for tips.

Pay baby room afterwards

Stuff for a baby room is expensive and can cost a total of € 300 or € 400. If you do not have that money in your account, you may be tempted to choose to pay for the baby room afterwards or to buy it on an installment. This can be done online at Wehkamp and Neckermann, but also more and more baby shops offer this. You pay the children's room later or in one go. But is it wise to buy on installments?

The advantage is that you can purchase the items immediately and later pay back everything at your own pace. But that's the way it ends. Postpaying or buying on payment always means that you pay interest on the purchase price and that is often fairly high.

In the end, you spend more money on the nursery than if you paid immediately. Postpaying, buying on payment or borrowing money for the baby room should really be your very last resort. It is better to start saving on time or ask friends and / or family if they can help out. Then you pay them back at your own pace. Without interest.

Pay baby room in installments

Paying a baby room afterwards, paying down on deposit or paying in installments is actually the same: you get your stuff before without having to pay the whole blow, but you always have a fairly high interest rate. Even if it stands at 0% interest, this means that if you miss a payment term you can expect high fines.

Paying a lot of money on high interest rates, especially when buying an item at a store. Often, this interest is the maximum legally permitted. Then you are quickly at 14%!

In comparison with a normal loan, that is bizarre high. With a normal personal loan or credit, the interest rate is around 5.5%. In short: it is actually unwise to buy a baby room on payment at a store. If no one can help you, you can better go to a bank or take out a loan from a lender to take out a small loan with a low interest rate.

Borrow money for the baby room facility

Since there is a large supply of institutions that provide loans, you can take a look around the internet and compare interest rates and conditions. Below are some lenders where you can also request a quote for a loan with low interest rates. Often you also have the amount in your account quickly.

  • Frisia Financing
  • Credit group Netherlands
  • Findio
  • Ferratum, for loans up to € 1500
  • Municipal credit bank

Also buying on installments or paying in installments is a form of borrowing money. And borrowing money costs money!

If you want to borrow money from the Municipal Credit Bank for your baby room and therefore for items that you really need, you first have to ask permission from your municipality. Are you going to borrow money for the baby room or other stuff always pay attention to the following conditions:

  • Is there a possibility to pay off without penalty? Paying free of charge means that you can repay extra without having to pay a penalty interest.
  • Is it possible to skip a time limit if you really can not afford it that month. This always goes into proper consultation with the lender.
  • How high is the interest?
  • How long is the term of the loan?
  • Do you have to pay closing costs?

Baby room in the attic

Are there no extra spaces left for a new baby room but do you have an attic that currently only functions as a storage place? Maybe it's an idea to turn your attic into a baby room! Or do you have a room with a slanted roof and do you want more space?

Do you also want to place a dormer?

Request multiple offers for free and without obligation!
Save up to 40% on costs!

Growing this room or room with a sloping roof into a nursery is relatively cheap because you do not have to move or need to renovate your entire house for a baby room.

How can you turn the attic into a baby room relatively cheaply?

Well sometimes it can very easily be placed by a dormer. With a dormer window for the baby room, you create more space and much more light at the same time.

The cost of a dormer window is approximately between 3000 and 5000 euros depending on the material and the size. Does this sound to you? Then start on time and request dakkapel offers so that it is finished on time.

Borrowing money for the baby room because you want a dormer for the baby room could be an option. Especially if that means that you do not have to move. Pay attention to the conditions and the level of interest! Did you know that the interest on this loan is also deductible?

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