Everything about carbohydrates during pregnancy

I hear it so often "I eat as little carbohydrate as possible because I want to lose weight." Carbohydrates have become almost the enemy of women who want to pay attention or want to lose weight. Some ladies even claim that they have to scrap carbohydrates in order not to gain too much during pregnancy. I do not agree anymore. You may be fine carbohydrates during pregnancy food. In fact, products with good carbohydrates contain important vitamins and minerals that you need. Read more about the importance of gluten and carbohydrates during pregnancy here.

Why are carbohydrates the enemy?

In my time as a weight consultant I have never recommended someone to eat low carbohydrates, and yet my clients have always achieved good results. Deleting carbohydrates is not necessary to become or stay slim. Why are carbohydrates often the enemy?

That is because in many bad products, bad carbohydrates are. Think of all products with sugar. I think more than ¾ of what you can buy in the supermarket is full of carbohydrates. If you are eating less carbohydrates, you will be deleting many foods from your diet. Your choice is then very limited and then you automatically eat less and lose weight. So it is 'easy' in a sense.

Gluten harmful?

Besides that carbohydrates have a bad image, gluten has that too. Some claim that gluten can cause fatigue, diabetes and damage to the intestines. However, this only applies to people with celiac disease (gluten intolerance). Only 1% of the population gets intestinal spruce through gluten from bread. In addition, 95% of our population do not have diabetes and can therefore simply eat carbohydrates without arriving.

For people who do not have gluten intolerance, it is not necessary or very useful to eat gluten-free. It only costs you a lot of money and extra effort.

Importance of carbohydrates during pregnancy

Carbohydrates are an important energy source for our body. That's why you need (healthy) carbohydrates to get ahead. For that reason, it is not wise to delete carbohydrates during your pregnancy. You need energy to feel good and let your baby grow. In healthy products with carbohydrates are important vitamins and minerals that you need, such as:

  1. Fiber:

    Fibers provide better bowel function, provide a feeling of satiety and ensure an even increase in blood glucose. Enough fiber consumption helps well against constipation. An adult needs at least 30 grams of fiber per day. When you eat 4 whole-grain slices of bread you already have 12 grams.

  2. Vitamin B:

    B1 is an important vitamin for your muscles, nerves and brain.

  3. Vitamin B6:

    Vitamin B6 plays a role in the amino acid metabolism. It is necessary for collagen formation. Collagen is important for the structures of cartilage, tendons, blood vessels and skin. Vitamin B6 also plays a role in the production of red blood cells.
    A shortage of B6 is manifested by a disturbed sugar metabolism, anemia, depression and disorders of the nervous system.

  4. Iodine:

    Wholemeal bread is an important supplier of iodine, which you do not get so easily from other foods. Due to an iodine deficiency your thyroid can start to work more slowly, which can lead to obesity. For pregnant or breastfeeding women, it is important to eat enough iodine for proper development of her baby's brain. Iodine is added to bread during baking. Without iodine from bread there is a chance that you will get a shortage, especially if you do not eat fish. If you eat 4 slices of bread a day, you already get enough iodine.

Other minerals in wholemeal or grain products are: iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium.

Good and bad carbohydrates

You can get your carbohydrates during pregnancy from many vegetables, whole grains and fruit. These are natural products that are the least harmful to your body. These carbohydrates provide energy for a longer period of time and ensure that your blood sugar levels remain more stable.

Good sources for carbohydrates during pregnancy:

  • Oatmeal
  • Spelled
  • Buckwheat
  • Unpolished rice
  • Rice waffles
  • Whole grain quinoa
  • Whole wheat or spelled couscous
  • Fruits and vegetables

You can leave fast carbs during pregnancy better. Because an excess of sugar, for example, is converted into fat rather than with other products, and you will receive an unnecessary amount of this. Avoid the following carbohydrates as much as possible:

  • Pizza,
  • White pasta or rice,
  • Sugar,
  • Fizzy drink,
  • Cakes, sweets, pastries,
  • French fries,
  • Breaded snacks,
  • White bread,
  • Chocolate,
  • Potato chips.

Do you want to know how you can distribute the carbohydrates during pregnancy? Then enter the eating meter!

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