Fun maternity gifts to ask or give

Will you be (again) a mother soon? Then there is probably something very nice on the schedule: the baby shower! And besides that, after birth you will also be overloaded with various maternity gifts. So prepare yourself to get the question from many people what you still want. Quite difficult, because what are now nice baby shower gifts to askor, rather, get it? I have been thinking hard and also gathered some tips from other mothers. These tips are of course also useful for the friends who still have to give a maternity gift!

Maternity gift wish list

Giving a maternity gift is a big job, but figuring out what fun baby gifts to ask for is not easy either. Usually you can think of a few things, but if the 5th person asks you what you would like to have, your inspiration is also quick.

Actually a shame because your babyshower and the maternity gifts after birth are just super handy possibilities to ask everything you have to buy for your little shoot. This applies to the items for the baby set-out list, but also to items for the baby's room or in the house that you still have to have. So wait with your wallet yourself when you are in the store! Rather make a wish list with fun baby gifts to ask.

Tips for a wishlist with fun maternity gifts to ask:

  • Grab the baby set-up list

    View which stuff you have to ask for. If there are more expensive items, you can introduce the organizer of your baby shower (probably your sister, mother or best friend) or give them the bigger gift with the whole group.

  • Setting up your baby room?

    Maybe you have a lot of stuff that you would like to have, but secretly a bit too expensive (or your partner does not think she needs it). I have now asked those things for my girlfriends for my baby shower. On my list was a baby nest, changing mat and feeding pillow. The items that I do not get, I buy later myself.

  • Go for handy gifts

    You can have noooooooit too much of some things. These are useful, but also fun maternity gifts to ask and give! Think of hydrophilic cloths (size XL or cloths with a nice design), spit cloths, diapers, rompers (ask for neutral colors) and bibs.

  • Are you a fan of a certain brand, complete your collection!

    Maybe this only applies to me, but I'm a fan of the 'Done by deer' brand. I would prefer to have all the stuff of this brand, especially the items from one line. That is often the case: certain brands have a certain line and a lot of things with the same design. So you can collect this nicely! So tell your friends about your favorite brand and do not forget to keep track of what you have already received!

  • Something for yourself

    Is it selfish to ask for something for yourself? I do not think so! You have just given birth to a child! So if you really can not think of anything for your little one, think of something for yourself. For example, delicious stuff from Rituals or Kneipp. Or how about handy attributes such as ointment against nipple gaps, sucking pads or nutrition bras?

Fun maternity gifts to ask for a second child

Are you pregnant with your second, third or fourth child then it sometimes becomes more difficult to ask for nice maternity gifts. You have probably already got everything from the baby release list, or is it a lot of replacement? Take a critical look at the stuff you have, maybe you would like a newer version of some things. Think of bottles, teats, rompers or hydrophilic cloths with holes that need to be replaced.

The same applies to stuff from the baby room. Wait a few minutes to organize, some things you might ask your friends. Other fun baby gifts to ask for your second, third or fourth child:

  • Fun toys, jewelry, nameplates etc. with the name of your child on it. Always fun and then your little one really has his or her own stuff.
  • Girl growth goal
  • Extra bicycle seat
  • Gift cards
  • Photo shoot for the family

Tips for maternity gifts

I have made a small overview with even more super cute maternity gifts to ask, but also useful and special gifts to give! These maternity gifts are always very appreciated!

  • Maternity gift with name:
    My husband and I have already given the same maternity gift three times and this is always appreciated: cutlery with the child's name and date of birth engraved on it. You can order this at most jewelers. Other fun maternity gifts to ask or give with name are: toys, your own dressing gown, bracelet, blocks and so on. View more possibilities for maternity gifts with name here.
  • The birth announcement in a beautiful way framed.
  • Gift card or money for a baby shop or a wonderful wellness day!
  • Serviessetje (for example from the favorite brand of the mother)
  • Baby books, you can never have enough!
  • Birth garland with the name of the small one.
    If you want to give this, ask if the mother can appreciate this. Some mothers do not want anything in the nursery because they have arranged them in a certain style (like me).
  • Hydrophilic cloths XL.
  • Do you have any ideas for an original maternity gift to give that certainly should not be missing? Let me know!

  • Baby Shower Glove:
    This is a great glove that you can wear when you take a shower with your baby. Then your little one does not slip away anyway! This seems to be a top invention!
  • Fun and educational books for mothers.
    Such as: Relax Mama, Kraamjournal or Perfect mothers do not exist.
  • Baby scrapbook or fill-in book of your baby's first year.
    You really forget it all very quickly. For example, Baby's first year or My growing up book.
  • Flowers, subscription at Bloomon or plants.
    It seems simple, but as a brand new mother you are more inside than outside. A bit of color and nature in the house is always super nice. What is fun is a subscription at Bloomon. Every week, every week or every month, you can have a bunch of flowers come or have them delivered (depending on whether you ask or give them).
  • Food. Yes, really eat.
    If you can not think of nice baby gifts to ask or give, make a delicious healthy meal. Especially after the delivery, the new parents have no time or desire to do the shopping or cooking. If you bring good food that can be frozen, you always do well. You can also propose a few days to deliver some meals.

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