The first shovels! When did you feel them?

Since week 17 I am very alert to everything I feel in my stomach, which I have never felt before. I have read in the pregnancy calendar that you can feel your child from that week on. I find that difficult to say. Is it my stomach, my intestines or the baby? In any case, I must have been patient for a while. When did you feel the first shovels?

An air bubble, jitters, butterflies?

The first movements of your baby do not feel like kicking. That is why many women feel something, but they do not realize that it is their baby. You feel the first movements when your baby touches your uterine wall. This seems to feel like a bubble bursting (according to my mother). Others say it feels like jitters or butterflies. It is in any case quite difficult to describe the feeling.
To be very honest: I can not help you at all. How would you describe it?

Utmost concentration

I really wanted to feel my daughter. I had to remind myself regularly that I was pregnant. Because you do not experience it that way (I think) if you do not feel anything at all. The only reminder is your growing belly and the free-standing breasts. Nothing else. And I thought that was boring.

So when I read that you could feel your baby around 17 or 18 weeks, I was very alert to everything that happened in my stomach. Every night I put my hands on my stomach and concentrated on everything that took place there. Was this the bell that my mother was talking about? Were these those butterflies? In most cases I especially hoped, but it was my intestines or my stomach that were bubbling. In any case: I think so.

When can you actually feel your baby?

I went to see when you can feel your baby. This is around 18 weeks of gestation. If you have had children before, you can feel your baby before because you know how it feels. Those 18 weeks is not really a hard figure. Some women feel it earlier, but there are also many who feel their baby much later. Ladies who are pregnant just like me for the first time only feel their baby around 20 to 22 weeks. So just like with almost everything in pregnancy, it is a matter of patience.

My first shovels

I felt my first shovels on March 22, when I was pregnant for more than 20 weeks. I was working and I felt that tapping in my stomach. As if someone was tapping at me, but in my stomach. So yes, actually exactly as it is. I felt the nudges at the very bottom of my stomach. Yet I was still not sure. Until I felt it the next day and felt it on the outside too.

What great is that say! The first real contact with my baby! Of course I immediately got tears in my eyes!

Every spade a valuable feeling

Every shovel my daughter gives me fills me with love. "There she is again," I think. I only feel her at the bottom of my stomach. That is because my placenta is in the front of my uterus. That is also why I did not feel my baby before. The placenta forms a kind of extra pad. On the one hand nice, but sometimes too bad that I feel less. Although I will probably be very happy about this later in my pregnancy. It seems that I have a pretty mobile child.

Now that my girl is getting stronger every week, I will be able to feel her more and more. My husband only needs a little more patience. Other people may feel your baby when you are 24 weeks or longer pregnant.

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