Regulation days in babies

Finally you had a good rhythm with your baby, but suddenly this changes. Your baby cries more often and wants to drink more often. Your whole rhythm is to the buttons and you feel that you have to start from scratch. Your baby can be sick, just have it warm or you have to deal with it baby management days. Besides that it is anything but fun, it belongs (unfortunately).

Read in this blog why there are rules, how it is with regular days and breastfeeding and what you can do to beat yourself through this period.

What are regular days in babies?

Baby days are days when your baby wants to drink much more than on other days. If you are finally on 6 baby food a day, you may have to feed your baby almost every hour on a regular day. Besides that your baby seems to be constantly hungry, he or she is also tearful, suspicious and restless.

Why does a baby have regular days?

Your baby grows like cabbage, but on some days your baby has a small growth spurt. Since your baby suddenly increases considerably in height and weight, he or she also needs more nutrition. Growing costs a lot of energy.

The result is that he or she wants to drink more and more often and that the milk is almost unavailable. Another cause is that the baby has something among the members. Particularly in breast milk are essential antibodies. Nature has arranged it so that in that case your baby automatically asks for more nutrition.

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How big is the chance that your baby has regular days?

The chance that your baby also needs more nutrition is quite big. Almost every child up to 6 months old gets a number of growth spells. But not every child has a considerably increased need for food at that time. Some parents are therefore saved these days. As long as your baby grows enough, has full water slides and comes across alert and clear, there is nothing to worry about.

How can you recognize regular days?

There are a number of points on which you can recognize a rule day with your baby.

  • Your baby is crying more than usual, is hanger-like and restless.
  • Your baby wants to drink or eat more often than on other days, for example every hour.
  • He seems to be constantly hungry.
  • The sleeping pattern changes, your baby sleeps more (tired of growth spurt) or less (due to hunger).
  • Your breasts are completely drained and your milk production seems inadequate.

How long do regular days take?

The baby management days occur a number of times. Average around the time your baby is 9 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and 6 months old. In general, the regular days take 1 or 2 days and then the 'old' rhythm picks up again.

Regulation days and breastfeeding

Your milk production adapts to the demand of your child. Since this demand for milk is greater during a regular day, the milk production temporarily falls short. You notice this because your breasts feel weak and less milk comes out of your breasts. Do not worry that your baby gets too little. The milk production will adjust again after a few days. So you do not have to give your baby extra food by bottle feeding. Incidentally, it is possible that after the regular days you will suffer from stowage.

Regulation days and bottle feeding

Control days occur not only in babies who are breastfed, but also in bottle feeding. It is not bad to give your baby more nutrition on these days. Please note that this remains within the limits to prevent obesity. Always ask the health care office what you can give your baby.

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Dealing with regular days

Regular days are annoying for the parents, but do not forget that it is also no fun for your baby. He or she is constantly hungry and you probably know how hungry you can do? Indeed: grumpy, lethargic and suspicious. Exactly that makes your baby now.

Extra love and attention is certainly not superfluous. In the meantime, try to get enough rest yourself, drink enough and stay healthy. Feed your baby if it asks for food, do not feed extra. And finally: do not feel insecure yourself. Schedule days are natural and last only 1 or 2 days, after which you will collect the rhythm again!

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