Emergency Cesarean section through a sagging umbilical cord!

Mariel tells her special story about her delivery, which ended in an emergency Cesarean section due to a sagging umbilical cord. What started as a normal introduction to her second child got an unexpected turn with a happy ending. She tells her story here.

Introduction of the delivery

After 39 weeks of pregnancy I would be introduced on Wednesday evening due to gestational diabetes and too much amniotic fluid. Once I arrived at the hospital, I already had three centimeter access and I was sent back home. The next morning we had to report at 6.45 am and my membranes would be broken.

A little less than a year ago I gave birth to a healthy daughter and this was really a dream birth. It took a long time, but I would sign for the same, relaxed delivery!

The day of the birth

After a good CTG scan of the baby, my membranes were broken on Thursday morning at 7.45 am. It remains a strange idea that you know that you will become a mom and dad again this day! We were in the same delivery room as our daughter Tess, this could not go wrong!

The contractions did not start automatically and it was decided to give a low dose of unwanted exciters. Around 12 o'clock clock I really started to get a lot of pain and I asked for a spinal puncture, this was because my birth lasted so well liked! But unfortunately, I had more than 5 centimeter access so I was too late.

I got a pain pump, but this really could not suppress the intense contractions! In an hour I had complete access and enormous pressure. I was allowed to press along quietly. During the first two weeks I took a bite of air and I pressed along. I heard the heartbeat of our daughter sinking on the monitor. This was wrong. I had to stop pressing immediately and I got contractions.

The midwife did an internal examination and the umbilical cord appeared to lie. It turned out to be one sagging umbilical cord to be! Umbilical cord prolapse, this occurs in 0.2% of the deliveries. Because of this the baby pinched her umbilical cord and she got no more oxygen.

A sagging umbilical cord but normally gave birth

The gynecologist was brought in and they consulted. Because I had recently given birth, they wanted to try again to have the baby born vaginally through a vacuum release. The midwife tried to keep the umbilical cord aside so that the head could come first.

I got sick again and at the first good two I had to give everything I had in me. I pressed hard and I was told again that I had to stop immediately. Another dose of contraction inhibitors! The umbilical cord came again first, now accompanied by a hand.

The heartbeat of our daughter sank further and further and it was immediately decided to proceed to an emergency Cesarean section.

An emergency Cesarean section because of the sagging umbilical cord

Then the hectic began. A kind of emergency button was pressed and within no time there were about 15 people around my bed. The midwife still with her hand internally to push the head up. The gynecologist gave instructions: my bladder had to be filled, a 'b' had to be put on my stomach so that everyone knew that my bladder was full, the lifts had to be removed and kept open, an OK-team had to be informed, I I had to lie flat with my legs up ... and I do not know any more things.

It was panic, real panic. I heard the heartbeat of the baby drop further and further. "Turn off that thing," I screamed, "she's going to die!".

I did not know what was happening. The midwife kept saying that it would be alright. She was the only one who came to me, literally and figuratively.

Roy cried and saw the panic, even though all the staff did their best to exude calm. I was quickly driven to the elevator; midwife on the bed, with her hand pushing the head up and Roy behind me. In the elevator the midwife asked our oldest daughter Tess, she tried to distract me from this terrible situation.

Adequate performance by the midwife and the hospital

I entered the operating room and I saw 10 people in green suits. I was lifted on the operating table. The gynecologist was ready; luckily the gynecologist who I have just seen in the room. I immediately got a cap with oxygen and in the meantime all kinds of people were sticking plasters on my body, disinfecting my stomach and connecting the drip.

'Sleep well,' said a green suit. I thought: "Just go to sleep?!?!?!", But then everything was gone from my memory.

The birth of our daughter Lisa

Our daughter Lisa was born a minute later and was immediately taken to the pediatrician. She did it immediately super good!
1.5 hours after Lisa was born, I woke up in the recovery room. Roy and Lisa are approaching and I can only cry. My delivery plan stated that I wanted to take our daughter herself when she was born, that I wanted them directly on my chest and that Roy would give the first bottle.

Childbirth plan ammehoela, a birth can not be planned!

Then we were allowed to go to the maternity ward. I was so drowsy and tired, I do not even remember how we got there, who I called, what happened there. I knew that I should be extremely grateful that Lisa and I both got through this healthily and well!

How much pain I had; I had, as it were, two deliveries behind me! My belly did very, internally and externally. I was sick, could not eat anything and I had a lot of muscle pain and sore throat.But I had our second daughter with me and I never let her go.

First processing of the events

Later I got to see videos of Roy and Lisa at the pediatrician. What did I do this very much; I have not been able to see Lisa directly, do not hear crying, can not hold fast. Roy gave our daughter the name Lisa. Fortunately, we had this name together and he has kept to the appointment !!!

The next day the gynecologist came to tell us how the delivery went. He said that he had never experienced this before.

I had to be glad that I was in the hospital.
If I had been home, Lisa would not have saved it! This comes in ...

I am extremely grateful that the hospital staff acted so adequately, otherwise it would have been possible to walk very differently!
So you see, despite the fact that the road was cleared and everyone assured me that a second delivery is always easier and faster than the first one, this was quite different than expected!

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