Leaving your baby alone is not okay! Yet?

A quick way to the supermarket to get bread, pick up your other child from school, or quickly leave the dog you can forget if you have a baby. Before you leave the house with your baby, you are about 30 minutes away. Just read the door with your baby in 8 steps.
What do you have to do then? Do you have to wake up your baby and drag it into the car against his or her wishes? Or do you have to leave your baby at home alone? We are very curious what you think!

Many mothers indicate that you can leave your baby alone at home

Although you may not think about it, there are many mothers who leave their baby alone for a few minutes. Below a number of arguments:

  1. "I have a dog that has to be let out. When it rains and blows very hard I do not want to drag the pram with me for those 10 minutes. My children are fine, so I can leave them for a while while I'm away. "
  2. 'A lot can go wrong when you are at home, in fact your child is never safe. And maybe you'll get an accident if you ride your child through the busy streets because you had to get a message quickly. Then your child would have been safer at home. Everything has advantages and disadvantages. '
  3. 'When I have to pick up my eldest from school, I let my youngest sleep well. Sleep is very important for a baby and you have to let your baby sleep and not wake up each time because you have to get away again. So I let her lie down. I always take the baby monitor with me '.

Mothers who never leave their baby alone at home

Other mothers are shocked when they hear that women leave their babies alone. A few of their arguments:

  1. "You do not have children to leave them alone. As a parent, you are obliged to always look after your baby and take them wherever you go. '
  2. "I think it's incredible that people leave their baby alone. I also have three children and I adjust my planning in such a way that I am always with them. The idea that my child would need me and I'm not giving me goose bumps. "
  3. 'It is completely irresponsible to leave a baby alone at home. Something can happen to you or your child and what do you do? "

Are you allowed to leave your baby home alone according to the law?

What does the law actually say about this? The law states that your dependent children, including your little baby, can not leave home alone. But, how are they going to check that for God's sake? Nothing is said about children or toddlers and leaving home alone.

Only leave guidelines on child at home

There are no clear guidelines, but only leave a few unwritten rules about your baby at home.
Children under the age of 7 should not be left alone. From 9 years maybe half an hour during the day. From 11 years maximum 2 hours. And from the age of 13 it would be fine to leave your child alone all day, but not at night. If your child is 16, you can close the door behind you for an extended period of time.

Leave the baby alone at home? Take this with you!

If you decide to leave your baby alone at home, make sure that all electrical appliances are turned off and sharp objects are stored away. Always include your telephone, identity card and a note with your address and mention that a baby is alone at home.

What do you think?

We are very curious about your opinion on this subject. Are you a mother who can leave the baby at home alone or do not you have to think about it? What do you think other people do or do not do? Or do you think that every parent should know this himself? Tell us!

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