Hanging up birth announcements: Ideas and tips

Who mom or dad, can count on a lot of birth announcements in the mailbox. Large, small, colorful, black and white, drawn, photographed, and so on. As a proud parent, of course, you want that to hang up birth announcements in your interior in a fun and creative way.
How do you do that? We have collected some nice tips and ideas for you for an original hanging system for birth announcements.

Hanging up birth announcements? That's how you do that!

    Tip 1: Chart racks

    Card racks are, as the name suggests, racks that are specially made for storing cards. So you can easily see the front and back of the cards or show them to someone. The disadvantage of greeting card racks is that they cost a bit and you may never use them again after the birth of your child (yes, maybe only during Christmas). Sin of your money, but a very hip way of birth cards to show!

    Tip 2: Hanging up birth announcements with the Artiteq inforail and infostrip

    Artiteq. Probably you have never heard of it, but Artiteq is that brand that makes hanging systems for paintings, artworks and frames. If you walk into the Gamma or Karwei, you will see it lying down.
    And what makes Artiteq even more? Card suspension systems, with which you can hang up birth announcements. For example the Artiteq Inforail and the Artiteq Infostrip. The latter we find very nice for home.

    After the birth of your child you can keep the cards that you receive. Christmas cards can be added at Christmas. But throughout the year you can also collect drawings from the small ones. In other words: multifunctional if you ask us!

    Tip 3. Hang up with birth tags and ribbon

    A simple and cheap solution, which looks very cozy: hang the birth greeting cards on a clothesline or ribbon, where you have some small clothespins to hang. You can stretch it straight through your house or simply hang it on the fridge or sideboard. Are there more unexpected birth certificates than you expected? Then you span an extra ribbon with some extra pegs. You do not have to leave it for the costs.

    Do you have some nice tips or a nice idea with which you can hang birth announcements, let us know and we will share your tips with our readers. Are you still looking for birth announcements and do you need tips for choosing the right card?

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