Dry eyes during pregnancy

Do you suffer from dry eyes during pregnancy? Or do you have burning or itchy eyes? Do you see something less good than before or has the world become a bit hazier? These eye complaints are very normal during pregnancy. Read here what the causes are and what you can do to dry eyes.

Pregnant burden of eyes

Most pregnancy ailments we know: morning sickness, fatigue or mood swings. But trouble with dry eyes during pregnancy is a less known ailment. Yet many pregnant women suffer from the eyes. Or they see less sharply, the eyes are dry or they make more tears. It is all due to those fine pregnancy hormones, your changing metabolism and blood pressure. Usually the eye problems disappear after delivery.

Why do you have dry eyes during pregnancy?

The dry eyes during pregnancy are caused by a shortage of tears. The hormones ensure that you produce less tear fluid than before. Especially ladies who wear lenses can have a lot of problems and at the end of the day they have to peel their lens off their dry eye. Sometimes it is recommended to wear glasses, but you will probably find that a lot better.

Blurred vision at the beginning of pregnancy

It often happens that women start to see blurred. This can be caused by your dry eyes during pregnancy, but it is also possible that the strength of your eyes has changed somewhat. Sometimes you can also see double vision, dull or see dots. It is fairly normal that your vision can change a bit. You do not have to panic immediately.

The reason that your vision is blurred or your strength has changed because you retain fluid during your pregnancy. This moisture can change the thickness and shape of your cornea causing you to see worse or blurred. Sometimes it can also be that you are lucky and will see better! In any case, you really do not have to buy new glasses and lenses right away, because after your pregnancy everything goes back to 'normal'. If you really suffer from blurred vision discuss the possibilities with your doctor and optician.

Tired eyes pregnancy

Tired and dry eyes during pregnancy can, in addition to hormonal changes, also be caused by higher blood pressure. Therefore, always have your blood pressure checked if you suddenly get a lot of problems with your eyes, especially if it occurs at the end of your pregnancy.

What can you do about dry eyes during pregnancy?

Dry eyes during pregnancy are very annoying. Fortunately, you can do something about it. First, and this is a bit of an open door, it can already help to blink or close your eyes for a moment. What also helps is yawning, you automatically get some tears in your eyes.

Do you notice that you suffer from dry eyes when you are sitting behind your screen for a long time? Then take occasional and break and do not forget to blink regularly. Sometimes we forget to blink when we focus on the screen.
It can also help to ventilate the rooms well, especially in winter, so that the air in the house is less dry.

And finally you can use eye drops. Choose eye drops without preservatives. You can buy this at the drugstore (make sure that there are no preservatives in it, because these substances also end up in your blood).
You can also ask if your doctor can prescribe some good eye drops.

Eye drops or artificial tears that do not contain preservatives do not affect your natural tear production. It is only an aid that makes your eyes feel better. Always read the leaflet carefully and do not exceed the recommended daily allowance.

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