Rolling over the baby's stimulation is something you do!

An important point in the physical development of your baby is the moment your baby starts rolling over. Because after rolling over the baby comes crawling and then walking. Roll over is the sign that the muscles of your baby become stronger. Because it is such an important point, it is always good to give your baby a subtle helping hand. Read here how you do it rolling over the baby can.

Rolling over the baby

In the first months of your little one's life, not much movement will be possible yet. If you put your baby on the back, he or she will still lie down a few hours later. That's a good thing too, because lying on the back is better than lying on the belly to prevent cot death.

The baby can not move as much in the first months because the muscles are not strong enough and because your baby also has no coordination. The more your baby grows and arrives in weight, the more power the baby receives. But he does not get this power only by eating well and sleeping. Of course you also have to practice! That is why it is important that you as a parent stimulate the rolling over of the baby, so that you can make your baby stronger and stronger.

The first step to stimulate the rolling over of the baby is to put your little one on the belly from time to time (always under supervision!). Do this at times when your baby is awake and alert, after all, training has to be done! In the prone position your baby learns to train the arms, the upper body and the neck because he has to push himself up. You can put the baby on the tummy several times a day for the first few weeks after birth. If your baby does not like this (that's possible!), Start with 1 minute and build it up to 5 minutes.

When do babies turn from back to abdomen?

Around about 3 to 5 months old, the baby is starting to get more and more ready to roll over. This way he can lift his head, press the pelvis, overstretch the body and use a leg for extra strength. For example, to grab his favorite toy. These are all signs that the rolling over does not take long anymore. Most babies start rolling over when they are 6 months old.

Most baby roll first from the belly to the back. It takes more power from the back to the belly roll. But it is possible that your baby can immediately roll from the back to the belly. Completely rolled up babies when they are 9 months old.

Baby does not roll from belly to back

If your baby does not roll from the belly to the back, but for example from the back to the belly, it is important that you encourage the rolling over of the baby, so that your baby rolls from the belly to the back. You can do this by:

  • Put your baby on the belly for a long enough time.
  • Put your baby on the belly and then let him grab something that is higher so that the weight is on one side. This can stimulate rolling over.
  • Cradle your baby from left to right while your baby is lying on the floor. This way your child gets used to the fact that the weight can shift from side to side and he probably also likes it!
  • Do not help your baby too much but let him move as much as possible himself.
  • When the baby is lying on his stomach, let him move around his axis as much as possible. You can do this by moving a toy a little each time.

This way you stimulate rolling over of the baby!

Other tips to stimulate the rolling over of the baby:

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