Breech presentation during pregnancy and delivery

That is not exactly what you were hoping for: A breech presentation during pregnancy and delivery. Most babies are at the end of the pregnancy with the head down. Ezra did that too, but with his nose upstairs. They call it a stargazer. But what if your baby is completely wrong?

What is a breech presentation?

With a breech presentation, the baby's head is at the top of the uterus and the buttocks, the butt, down. This can cause problems because the beak is smaller than the baby's head. Usually there is less strong pressure and contractions weakness. Midwives can help by means of bony extraction or an obstacle. But rather we avoid this kind of risky artistic deliveries.

Breech presentation during pregnancy

At the end of the pregnancy, the midwife with a location ultrasound looks at the location baby. It is possible that your baby is not (yet) turned over and with the head up. On the echo you can see if it is a (half) imperfect or completely breech.

  • At one completely breech the baby is sitting in a kind of cross-legged position.
  • A imperfect breech presentation characterized by the stretched legs of the baby that lie up next to the body. It looks like an uncomfortable stretch.
  • If your baby has one leg stretched up and the other is down, we speak of one half imperfect breech presentation.
  • If the feet are lower than the buttocks of the baby, it is one foot position.

Bump or not?

After 36 weeks, the chance that your baby is still running is getting smaller. The baby grows larger and the amniotic fluid decreases. He therefore always has less space to turn. And yet you often hear that the baby spontaneously turns to a head position in the last weeks.

Sometimes an obstetrician can let the baby run from outside. She then presses her belly with her hands. That stimulates the baby to move. This way she can, as it were, turn the baby. If that works, you can just give birth at home.

Watch a video about turning a baby in breech presentation here.

Breech birth

You may not know that but a breech delivery is not always a planned Caesarean section. You can also give birth vaginally with a breech presentation. This has to do with all kinds of factors such as the estimated birth weight, the location baby and previous deliveries.

Whatever you choose or what it will be; let yourself be well informed and listen to your body!

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