10 things you learn as a mother!

Motherhood is not for everyone? That is certainly not so bad, because if you are a mother later, you will soon find out that you had a lot more to offer than you ever imagined! When you are after the birth of your pink cloud, it starts to become a mother. And what are you going to learn and do a lot! Here 10 things that you learn as a mother!

10 things you learn as a mother, yes really: you too!

  1. Housekeeping and cooking as a true Martha Steward

    Are you a sloder fox and chaot? Chances are that this will change. If you have children you can clean up as the best. You also learn to cook better and more efficiently every week. You want to give your child something healthy to eat. Cake needed for the birthday? Suddenly you emerge like a real barge queen!

  2. Packing as the best

    It will surprise many people how much stuff you can get in a diaper bag. Did you previously leave your partner in the dishwasher because he got twice as much as you? Now that you are a mother you have your packing skills as a professional develops!

  3. Need eight hours of sleep? You go through 4!

    From now on you do not need eight hours of sleep to get through the day. You might not be able to imagine it now, but as a mother you possess a true primal force that keeps you at work even if you can close your eyes for 4 hours.

  4. You always have a loyal fan

    Children can boost your self-esteem. Especially when they are young, they find you the most interesting of everything and everyone. Whatever you say to them, they will give you their undivided attention. Even if you open your throat with a cat's whine, your child will love it.

  5. Mega stress resistant

    Now that you are a mother, stress has become a completely different concept. Even with a crying baby, a pan on the fire that burns and a crisis at work, you still hold the reins.

  6. A small mess in the house is no longer a problem

    With children it is simply not feasible to keep the house spick and span. And the biggest advantage is that you are okay with this. Can you imagine yourself a job through the house and are the most important places (toilet, shower) hygienic? Then you think it's fine.

  7. Time for yourself is very rare, but valuable

    That 5 minutes in the shower feels like a real moment for yourself. Even shopping on your own feels like me-time. You will find that you appreciate these moments very much.

  8. You now really know the meaning of time wastage

    If you were able to scroll through Facebook for a quarter of an hour without finding this waste of time, then you see that very differently. Because in that quarter you could have cleaned up your house, being able to do the laundry, being able to make 2 phone calls and having coffee.

  9. Everyone has an opinion about your upbringing

    Prepare yourself for this: everyone has an opinion about how you should raise your child. And what you are going to learn from this is that you probably know it better. After all, it is your child. The first months you may still listen, but soon you have learned to be a mother for your child. At that time, you do not care what others think. Who would have thought!

  10. As a mother you learn to know love in a whole new way

    Of course you love your partner and your family, but how much you will love your child .... That love is really unconditional and immensely strong, you never felt like that! Enjoy!

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