Development baby 6 weeks old

The developments of your 6-week-old baby are gradually becoming more visible and audible. Because in addition to crying, your baby also increasingly produces other sounds such as 'oohhh' and 'uuuuhhh'. Nice opportunity to really talk to your baby now. Watch out for colic and regular days from this week. This week more about the development baby 6 weeks old.

In short, with a baby 6 weeks old:

  • Your baby is making more and more sounds.
  • Hopefully you will get a little more sleep from this week.
  • Is your baby crying a lot during and after feeding? Maybe your baby has colic.
  • Does your baby deviate from the nutritional rhythm in one go? Then your baby may have a regular day.

The development of your baby 6 weeks old

    • Your baby is babbling

      We had already discussed it a little bit last week: your baby is talking more and more. Of course you can not make anything out of it, but the first attempts are present. It is now mainly 'uhhhh, ohhh and ahh'. By making these sounds your baby trains the mouth muscles, tongue and lips.

      If you hear that your baby is making noise, you can give him or her the best attention immediately. Your baby will then literally be heard and immediately stimulated to produce more sounds. In the coming months you will have to do with the uhh and ahhh. Only from the 6 months on your baby will make some other sounds like 'dadadada'.

    • Something more night's sleep

      The big moment has finally arrived. Or at least almost there: the moment that you can lie on one ear for a bit longer than 3 hours. Babies who are 6 weeks old go to sleep a little longer in the nights. Still not 8 hours, but every hour is of course nice.

      Your baby now begins to realize that there is a night and a day and that it has to sleep more at night than during the day. Try to stimulate this awareness even more by leaving the room dark at night during the power supplies and making as little noise as possible. If you are lucky, your baby will sleep for 5 to 6 hours in a row. Delicious!

    • Colon cramps

      Many babies suffer from intestinal cramps when they are between 6 weeks and 4 months old. The symptoms will decrease after 4 months. Gut cramps can be very annoying for your child. At the moment your baby feels cramps, the muscles are contracted in the intestinal wall. Usually this happens during food or after food.
      Your baby may suffer from intestinal cramps if he or she cries a lot and violently during and after the food, has to let a lot of wind or pull with the legs. Read below how you can reduce the colic.

    How are mom, dad or parents?

    A delivery is certainly not nothing. Hopefully it will always be better with you and you will notice that you are recovering. Usually women who have just given birth around this time have a conversation with their midwife. In that conversation it will be discussed how the recovery will take place and whether you still have physical complaints. The interview is of course also a good opportunity to ask all your questions and to have any uncertainties removed. So make use of it and prepare yourself if necessary by writing down some questions.

    • Regulation days

      It can happen that you finally had a nice rhythm with your baby and you could sleep a few more hours at night and then suddenly .... Your baby throws a spanner in the works. Your baby cries more often (even at night) and wants to drink more often in one go. It may be that you are dealing with a regulation day.

      A rule day occurs several times, usually around 9 days, 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months and 9 months. They last about 1 or 2 days and then everything is back to normal. A rule day is caused by small growth spells. Such a growth spurt costs a lot of energy and that is why your baby needs extra nutrition. Read below how you can recognize rules and how you can deal with them.


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    Tip of the week with a baby 5 weeks old

    • Never forget to enjoy your baby and spoil your child. Think for example of a baby massage. This helps your baby to sleep well and is very good for your bond with each other. Extra tasty with Zwitsal massage oil

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