Rose To-Do List: Enjoying wine

In those 7 weeks that I was pregnant, I realized that I really missed some things. On the day of my miscarriage my husband asked (after I had dried my tears) if I needed anything. 'Yes' I said 'Do a glass of wine and a toast with smoked salmon.' At one point I realized that I no longer had to think about the things that I could or could not eat and somewhere it felt like a relief. To forget my disappointment of my lost pregnancy, I decided to focus on those few small positive points of not being pregnant anymore. Namely everything you can eat and drink again! As enjoy wine. Every major disadvantage has a small advantage.

To do's for pregnancy part 1: Enjoying wine

Okay, you can not wake me up at night, but you can not get me to enjoy a delicious glass of wine. Especially the whole experience around it makes wine so special. I also find it very touching when adult or elderly men talk with so much love about this glorified grape juice. I think that my father is the cause of my love of wine. During Christmas my father disappears for a few hours in his 'wine room' to ensure that each course is accompanied by a matching glass of wine.

I also think that the first thing my father thinks when he hears that I and my sisters are coming home for a night is: "Which wine would I open?"

In my opinion, wine is a wonderful product. So that's why the first to-do that came to mind was to enjoy wine. But as the government also teaches us: well in moderation. So do not think that I drink myself under the table every evening. Because it's about enjoying wine, not just drinking wine. By the way, I only drink alcohol on weekends and I will not change that now. But I did enjoy it in other ways.

Enjoying the wines step 1: Order wine

In order to fully enjoy my wine I must of course first ensure that I have wine in the house that I can enjoy. The first item on the agenda was therefore to attend a wine tasting so that I could order the tastiest wines for myself. Unfortunately without my husband, because he does not like wine. Something that I find very unfortunate, but that does not stop me from just opening a bottle on my own in the weekend.

Finding a good wine tasting was no trouble at all. My best friend has her own wine company and very coincidentally she organized a wine tasting with her husband. So I could check them off. Red wine, white wine, dessert wine, port and champagne: everything has caressed my throat. In that respect I am not that difficult.

Eventually I made a choice and ordered 9 bottles. I have to be able to anticipate this for a while. For the form I also ordered a dessert wine for my husband, otherwise I seemed very much like a liquor organ. Dessert wine does lust my husband. Although all the bottles that we (okay, I) have ever ordered are still unbroken in the basement ...
Anyway, I had at least my wine. Because I had helped my girlfriend at the wine tasting, I got a big discount on the bill. That saved a lot!

Step 2: Wine and dine

Wine is nice on your own on the couch, during an evening with friends, during a drink in the city, but especially during a dinner. I love wine arrangements during a dinner. Only the fact that someone has spent time to serve me the best wine that fits a particular dish is a beautiful idea. And besides, I think it's great when the wine picks up the dish completely. Fantastic!

So I proposed to eat out with my birthday at a good restaurant in Nijmegen. And why should not we do 6 courses? Because 6 courses, 6 is wine. So enjoy more. If more courses had been possible, I would have done that.

During the evening I really enjoyed the delicious food and the special wines that I got. Every bite and every drink was a party.

Step 3: Brute hard steps

Until now I had kept everything within bounds and I could still walk home in a straight line. But that changed quickly. Under the guise of 'those good old times' I went with a friend of mine into the city.

Previously during our student days we already had a bad influence on each other when it came to the drinking pace and the number of drinks, now it turned out that this bad influence never disappears. The beers went in at a lightning speed.

After a super nice evening I walked to the bus stop. There I got on the wrong bus with the result that my husband could pick me up at night in a village next to our own village.

He was not so happy with it. I was not too happy the next day myself. For the 100th time, I never promised to drink myself that much.

Step 4: enjoy wine in good company

Of course it is not necessary to go out the door to enjoy a delicious glass of wine. Now I can still enjoy 1, 2 or maybe 3 glasses of wine every weekend. Whether I am with my husband, or alone. Myself, I am also quite good company.

Soon I will go to my parents so that I can enjoy a wine together with them (and especially my father). I'm sure if I tell him about this To do, he'll disappear for another hour in his wine room to find the best. Because wine lovers do this for each other.

Do you also love wine or another drink? I wonder how much you enjoy it!

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