Talk to your unborn baby

Pregnant women who talk to their baby belly have certainly not let go, they are doing very well. Because a lot talking to your unborn baby certainly makes sense and you create a feast of recognition by the time your baby has to leave the womb. Read from here when it makes sense to chatter to your little one in the stomach. How it all sounds for that little one? Well about the same as what you hear with your head under water.

From when can a baby hear in the stomach?

The ears of your little one are being developed around week 9 of the pregnancy, but from then on your child can not hear. Your baby can really hear and recognize your voice around the 20th week of your pregnancy. From then on you can unabashedly chat to your baby all day because you have a listening ear 24/7.

The little one in the belly gets a lot of it. So he or she hears your voice, but also that of your partner and possibly other children, pets and other people. In addition, your baby hears your heartbeat, the rumble of your digestion and how the blood flows through the placenta.
Hard pops and unexpected sounds will not escape your baby and your little one can even startle. You can feel this as a mother again. Crazy, huh? But it is a sign that the hearing has been developed!

Benefits of talking to your unborn baby

Talking to your unborn baby has many advantages. The main advantage is that your baby will recognize your voice. Not only your voice, but also the voice of your partner and possibly your children, family members and pets.
Your baby will hear the same voices every day for about 20 weeks and your baby will not forget that. After the birth everything is scary and strange, but hey ... there are those same voices again!

Your baby recognizes your voices after birth and that creates peace. The more you talk to your stomach, the more your baby trusts with your voice and intonation. And of course that of others. So let aunts, uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers talk a lot to your stomach!

Listening to the heart of your baby with a doppler!

Fine sounds for your baby

Talking to your unborn baby is the first step. In addition, your baby also likes other sounds besides the beautiful voice of his or her parents and that is music! And especially some higher and soft tones. It even seems that babies are especially quiet of classical music.
If you often hear the same tune before birth, it is possible that your baby will be calm after the birth.

Connect with unborn baby

Talking to your unborn baby is a way to make contact. If your baby is kicking all your uterine furs and blues, talking to your unborn baby can sometimes help him or her calm down. Let your partner chat, read aloud or sing to your babybump. Especially from close by, your baby certainly hears it!

Other tips to make contact with your baby in the stomach:

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